10 Tourist Attractions in Myanmar that Must Enter the Bucket-List

10 Tourist Attractions in Myanmar that Must Enter the Bucket-List

Also known as Burma, the official name of this Southeast Asian country is Myanmar. Although the echo is not as loud as in Thailand, this country is also one of the tourist destinations that must be visited by travelers who are happy with historical, religious, or beach tourism.

Tourist attractions in Myanmar are decorated by thousands of Buddhist temples. Apart from temples, Myanmar also has calm white sand beaches along the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

Although this country is not as open as other countries, now Myanmar has opened tourism to foreign tourists who want to experience the traditional atmosphere in this country.

If you are interested in tourist attractions in Myanmar, here are some places you should visit.

  1. Shwedagon Pagoda

Address: Shwedagon east gate west of Yangon Royal Lake, 11201, Myanmar (Burma)
Opening Hours: 04:00 to 22:00
HTM: $8.00

Known as the most sacred Buddhist-related site in Myanmar, the Shwedagon or Great Dragon Pagoda houses a collection of Buddha hairs and other religious relics.

The age of this pagoda is about 2,500 years. It is located on Singuttara Hill in Yangon. This pagoda over the centuries has grown from 8 meters to 99 meters.

Shwedagon Pagoda is believed to have been built by the ethnic Mon during the Bagan period, which is between the 6th and 10th centuries AD. The pagoda is covered in gold foil, while the stupa is covered with 4,531 diamonds.

Visitors to the pagoda are expected to follow the dress code, which is to wear long pants with a shirt with short sleeves and enter the temple barefoot.

  1. Ngapali Beach

Address: on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Rakhine State
HTM: Free

Ngapali is one of the most popular beaches in Myanmar. This tourist spot in Myanmar offers many accommodation options and restaurants to suit your budget.

Here you can find bungalows with stunning beach views and some of the best seafood in the country.

You can spend your time relaxing on the beach or by the pool, also watching the sunset at one of the restaurants while enjoying fresh seafood dishes.

When you are bored playing on the beach, you can rent a boat and a guide to take you snorkeling or fishing with spears.

For this activity, you will leave early in the morning and they will provide all the equipment you need. When snorkeling here, you don’t need to wear a wetsuit because the water is warm.

If you catch something while spearfishing, you don’t have to worry about cooking it because there are many restaurants located by the beach.

They will be on hand to help process your catch and serve it as a side dish that is sure to be delicious.

  1. Mrauk U

Address: in northern Rakhine State, Myanmar
Mrauk U is an important archaeological city. In the past, this city was considered a fortress because it had thick walls, but actually, the walls were made thick to protect the temple from strong winds, and not from invaders.

Throughout this area can be found stone temples. This medieval city was once the capital of the state of Arakan.

In addition, Mrauk U was also an important trading city. To get to this remote location, you have to take a boat down the Kaladan tributary for four to seven hours.

Don’t forget to always bring a raincoat or umbrella as this area receives almost 1.2 meters of rain every year.

  1. Mandalay Royal Palace

Address: North of the main city of Mandalay
Opening hours: 07:30 to 16:30
HTM: 10,000 kyats (US$6.60)

Have you ever heard of the name Mandalay Palace? This palace is quite famous and even used as the name of the resorts and casinos in Las Vegas.

Formerly this palace was the last royal palace of Burma before the British colonial presence. The Mandalay Royal Palace is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Myanmar.

When you arrive in Mandalay, you will see a palace located in the middle of the city with a giant moat surrounding it.

The trench stretches for approximately 2 kilometers on all four sides. It takes a few hours to walk around the palace. So make sure you know where the entrance is.

An unforgettable experience while in this tourist spot in Myanmar is watching the sunrise or sunset from behind the palace walls.

  1. Taung Kalat

Address: Mandalay Region, Myanmar
HTM: Free but there are donations

The Taung Kalat Buddhist Monastery is built on the neck of an extinct volcano. This tourist spot in Myanmar is one of the most amazing sites in the country.

To arrive at the monastery, 777 steps must be climbed by visitors to get to the top. Along the way to the monastery, many monkeys wanted treats. From the top of Taung Kalat, you can enjoy the natural panorama. They can also see the ancient city of Bagan and the peak of Mount Popa, the volcano that created the volcanic neck on which the temple was founded.

  1. Bagan City

Address: Mandalay Region, Myanmar

If you are a tourist who likes temples, pagodas, and Buddhist stupas, be sure to visit the city of Bagan.

The reason was that compared to any other place in the world, this city had more such buildings. Bagan, the most popular destination in Myanmar, was the capital of the First Burmese Empire dating from the 9th to the 13th centuries.

Marco Polo once described this site as a “city of gold”. In its heyday in the 11th century, the city was home to some 13,000 Buddhist monasteries.

Thousands of temples, stupas, and pagodas remain in the city, including the Ananda temple which is famous for its glittering golden tower.

  1. Golden Rock

Address: Ka Dai Dutt, Myanmar (Burma)
Opening hours: 05.00 to 20.00
HTM: Free up to 6,000 kyat/$6.00
Phone: +95 57 60 048

This Golden Rock is called by the locals by the name of Kyaiktiyo Zedi. This tourist spot in Myanmar has a very amazing view.

This is a pagoda set on a huge rock that looks like it is about to fall off the edge of a cliff. The pagodas and stones are covered with gold foil.

Locals believe that the rock which is 1,100 meters above sea level appeared in this place thanks to the magic of Buddha.

Not only that, this pagoda is believed to have the hair of Buddha. This place is a pilgrimage site for Myanmar Buddhists.

Golden Rock is about a five-hour drive from Yangon and includes walking. Here there is a staircase leading to the pagoda complex which houses various deck views and Buddhist temples.

  1. Lake Inle

Address: in Nyaungshwe Township, Shan State, in Myanmar
HTM: 12,500 kyat

Inle Lake is one of the tourist attractions in Myanmar which is spacious and calm. In addition to its incredibly beautiful nature, this lake is also attractive to tourists because on it are Intha’s stilt houses, which are home to ethnic Mon descendants from the far southeast.

Tourists usually choose a one-day trip on this lake by riding a long and narrow boat with an outboard motor.

This one-day trip also includes a visit to a small workshop in the stilt village, as well as a pagoda and even a market.

Tourists can also see fishermen moving their boats using the signature paddle technique, while other Intha Lake residents raise fruit and vegetables in the floating garden.

  1. Ngwe Saung Beach

Address: west of Myanmar on the Bay of Bengal

Although it is not famous for having beautiful beaches like Thailand, it does not mean that Myanmar does not have attractive beaches.

But one of the lesser-known hidden gems is very charming and has all the advantages of a beautiful beach.

Here there are palm trees, white sand, and a blue sea. This beach is the perfect place if you want to bathe in the sun.

Ngwe Saug is also known as Silver Beach. There are scuba diving and snorkeling facilities available here if you are interested in enjoying underwater tourism.

Nearby there are also cafes and restaurants serving a variety of seafood dishes and mouthwatering snacks.

  1. Chauk-Htat-Gyi. Buddhist Temple

Address: Shwe Gon Dating Street, Yangon (Rangoon)
Opening hours: 06:00-20:00
HTM: Free up to $5

Myanmar is famous for its Buddhist monasteries, one of which is the Chauk-htat-gyi Buddhist Temple. Inside this monastery, there is a reclining Buddha statue with a height of about 65 meters.

This place is one of the best places to visit in Myanmar, especially if you like spiritual tourism.

Locals come here to make offerings and worship the statue. When visiting this monastery, you will see various temples that correspond to the day of the astrological week. People will make offerings to this monastery on the day of their birth.

That’s 10 rows of recommended tourist attractions in Myanmar. Although not as famous as its neighboring country, Thailand, Myanmar turns out to have beautiful and charming places, from temples to beaches.

If you like spiritual tourism, Myanmar is a suitable country to visit because this country has many temples. So have you thought about visiting this country later?