10 Habits of British People That Other Nations Don’t Know

10 Habits of British People That Other Nations Don’t Know

Talking about the customs of a country is indeed an interesting thing. Besides being able to add new knowledge about one country, from these habits, other nations can learn something new that might be applied in everyday life.

After previously we have discussed the unique customs of the Russian state. This time Wandering will discuss the habits of the British that are rarely known by other nations. England itself is one of the constituent countries that is known to be quite advanced in various fields, ranging from the economy, and technology, to culture.

So, how do the British people live their daily lives? You can read more information below!

  1. Walk fast

One of the habits of the British that we can see is the way they always walk fast. This is not without reason. As we know, England is a country with four seasons with temperatures that tend to be cold, especially in autumn and winter, where the outdoor air temperature can reach 1-7 degrees.

To keep the body warm. British people are used to walking at a fast pace to get to their destination. British people also don’t like spending too much time outdoors, especially when the wind starts to blow.

  1. On-time

England is one of the countries known for being punctual. For the time is very important. The habit of being on time is almost done by most of its citizens. Not being punctual is an act that is not considered rude and disrespectful by British citizens.

British society itself will usually notify and apologize if it will come late. Most of the people who were there did quite understand that being late could hinder the course of their usual daily activities.

  1. Drink tea in the afternoon

British society is known to have a habit of drinking tea in the afternoon. This tradition is known to have been carried out for a long time and is one of the cultures that is still maintained today. The habit of drinking tea itself is thought to have existed since the 19th century. The tradition was introduced by a member of the royal family, Anna Duchess in 1840.

British society itself calls the tradition of drinking tea the term ‘Cuppa’, which means ‘cup of tea’. Because of the habit of drinking tea. England is known as a country with a fairly high level of tea consumption. People usually serve this drink as an alternative to alcohol. This drink is usually served with various types of pastries, or sandwiches.

  1. Orderly queue

Queuing may be a very boring thing for some people, even considered a waste of time. However, not with the British. British society is known as a very orderly citizen. During their busy schedules, British people themselves are still willing to queue.

This habit deserves to be imitated, especially by other countries that have a low level of discipline. Interrupting the queue is an act that is considered to disrupt order. So, don’t be surprised if later some people will call the local security officers to keep people who try to interrupt the queue.

  1. Obey the rules

In addition to being orderly in queuing, British people are also known to be very orderly in obeying the rules. This can be seen from the traffic situation there. Where the vehicle will run following existing traffic signs.

Although in the 19th century the country had the title of the country with the worst traffic in Europe due to its traffic jams, now things seem to have changed a little. The increasing awareness of the British public towards government regulations has made road traffic better.

This is certainly something that should be imitated by other countries that have severe congestion problems.

  1. Giving tips

One of the other unique customs of British society is tipping. Generally, this habit is carried out by British people when they are in a restaurant, hotel, or taking a taxi. Usually, the visitors will give a tip of 10-15% of the bill price. Tipping itself is usually given if the price paid is not included in the tip of the waiter.

In addition, they also usually give tips if the service provided is satisfactory. The same thing applies when you are in a hotel. Where customers will usually give a tip to the hotel maid or taxi driver who helps drop or pick up goods.

  1. Bring gifts when visiting

Another habit that we can see in British society is when they visit relatives or neighbors’ homes, where most people will usually bring small gifts as a form of respect or thank you to the host.

Apart from being a form of politeness, this is usually done by them to make the relationship more intimate with each other. Usually, the gifts given are in the form of cakes, home decorations, mugs, bags, books, and others.

The tradition of giving gifts has been around for a long time in England and has spread to several other countries such as Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia.

  1. Don’t talk to strangers

Just like western countries in general, British society is also known to keep a distance from foreigners. Although British people are known to be very polite, talking to foreigners or foreigners is not their habit. They are more likely to be wary of strangers who invite small talk.

In addition to maintaining security, they also do not like to meddle in other people’s business. Don’t be surprised if you later see that British people prefer to spend time alone, such as listening to music, reading, or playing on their cellphones rather than having to talk to strangers while on public transport.

  1. Start a conversation politely

One of the good habits that other nations must imitate is the way they talk to other people. Before starting a conversation, British people usually open with polite sentences. Words such as ‘sorry’, ‘please’, and ‘thank you, are common in their daily conversations.

They are known to be very polite when talking to other people. In addition to showing courtesy, it is done as a form of respect for the person being spoken to.

  1. Open the door for others

The next unique habit that can be found in the country led by Queen Elizabeth is to open the door for other people such as women, men, parents, or children. Although it sounds trivial, this is often done by British society until now.

They do this as a form of courtesy, as well as their responsibility to the people around them. This habit is certainly a reflection that British society is a person with high tolerance.

Thus 10 Habits of the British that we managed to summarize. Even though they live in a country that is quite developed in various fields, the people themselves still maintain their character. Hopefully, the information that has been conveyed above will be an inspiration for us to live a better life in society.