10 Chinese Habits That Should Be Imitated in Life

10 Chinese Habits That Should Be Imitated in Life

Chinese is one of the ethnic groups in Indonesia that comes from China. Besides being known as a tribe that is skilled in various traditional medicines, Chinese people are also known to be quite skilled in economics, especially in terms of doing business. The success they achieve could be due to the principles of life and habits they apply in their daily lives.

Some habits even deserve to be imitated by everyone, especially those who want to live more prosperously. This time Wandering will review about 10 Chinese habits that we can imitate in everyday life. Read on in full below!

  1. Small Profits Don’t Matter

Everyone’s business principles are different. For some people, getting big profits is a must, so they often charge very high prices to reap big profits.

This principle is slightly different from that carried out by the Chinese people, where for them a small profit is not a problem, as long as all business transactions are smooth and the money can continue to circulate.

Even though the price offered is cheaper, because of the frequent transactions, their business can be very profitable. This is certainly something that should be imitated, especially by beginners who want to start a business or business.

  1. Teaching Business From a Young Age

Chinese people are known to love doing business. In general, their parents have taught them to do business from a young age. Parents often involve their children to help the businesses run by their parents. This is what makes the entrepreneurial spirit in them has been firmly entrenched from an early age.

In addition, the business they run is usually passed down to the next generation, so it is very important to provide them with knowledge from a young age. In Indonesia, we often hear the term family company. Considering that most of the companies they run are usually managed by family members.

  1. Likes to Invest

The Chinese are also known to dare to speculate. They do not hesitate to invest their wealth which is large enough to make a profit. Even though it is sometimes high risk, they still do it to get big profits.

In general, they often invest their assets in several types of investment instruments that are considered profitable, such as deposits, shares, and property. In addition to the main business they run, usually, they also have businesses in other fields. So don’t be surprised if then their financial coffers will continue to multiply.

  1. Good at Managing Finances

Some people often interpret the Chinese people’s frugality as being stingy. Some people even often think that they are being stingy for their own sake. They are people who apply the principles of simple and frugal living. They tend to prioritize basic needs over fulfilling their lifestyle.

This is what makes their life when they reach old age much more prosperous. The habits they live are certainly a good thing to be imitated, especially by people who are often wasteful and don’t like to save.

  1. Hard Worker

Chinese people are also known as hard workers. Working hard is a trait that has been passed down from generation to generation from their ancestors. This is indeed inseparable from their history which often experienced quite heartbreaking events such as wars, plagued by disease, and famine.

These events ultimately make their personalities stronger. Working hard is their way to change life for the better. Well, apart from their dark history, basically most Chinese people are known to have a very big competitive spirit.

  1. Prioritizing Education

Chinese society is also known to place great importance on education. It can not be separated from the history of the past, where the reign of the Han Dynasty gave birth to many successful thinkers who made the Han Dynasty one of the greatest governmental dynasties in Chinese history.

During the Han Dynasty, a strict education system was formed. Most districts have even established several informal schools. This certainly proves that China does place education as one of the most important things.

And this is still maintained until now, where they often provide the best education for their children even though they have to pay high fees or have to send their children abroad.

  1. Likes to Improve Me

The habits of the Chinese that also deserve to be imitated are the habits of those who continue to improve themselves or improve themselves to get the success they want to achieve. They will try to develop their abilities.

Some of the things they usually do include reading a lot of books, discussing, or learning from the experiences they have gone through before. They can easily find various solutions to the business and life problems they are facing. This brings them closer to success.

  1. Respect Parents

Chinese society is also known to have great respect for elders. They are known to highly value family relationships. Treating parents well is a form of children’s devotion to parents who have supported them since childhood. In China, the government even obliges every citizen to respect their parents who are still alive.

This custom has been passed down from the time of the ancestors. If we pay attention, the Chinese people themselves are very respectful of their ancestors. This can be seen from some of the special rituals they usually do for the spirits of their ancestors or ancestors.

  1. Good at Maintaining Relationships

In doing business, Chinese people are also known to be good at maintaining relationships with other people. They are known to have a fairly close business network and connections, even when the business has been run for several generations. Their expertise in treating relationships deserves to be imitated.

Considering that relationships are an important part for business people to develop their businesses much bigger. Chinese society itself tends to be open to consumers and often treats them very well. This is certainly one of the reasons for consumers to remain loyal to them.

  1. Don’t Like Debt

One of the other habits that the Chinese people have is that they don’t like to be in debt. Debt is often one of the causes of destruction in business and life. Chinese parents are known to dislike debt for luxury. When they have to go into debt it is usually to give them some property that will give them a profit.

Most Chinese people adhere to the principle of anti-debt. They prefer to work hard or save money to achieve what they aspire to. This is certainly a habit that should be imitated by others.

These are 10 Chinese habits that are worth emulating in life, which I have successfully summarized for you. Every nation has traditions and customs that are passed down from generation to generation. One of them is owned by China. What habits do you know about this nation? Write your comments in the comments column below, OK!