15 Unique and Must-Buy Japanese Souvenirs

15 Unique and Must-Buy Japanese Souvenirs

Japan is one of the countries in Asia that always attracts the attention of tourists from various countries, including tourists from Indonesia. The high cost of living does not become a barrier for tourists to visit the country where the cartoon characters of Hello Kitty and Doraemon come from. And the cities that are the most frequent tourist destinations are Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Until now, Japan has always been a fashion mecca for several countries in Asia. Although Japanese fashion is somewhat quirky, the fashion and style of young Japanese people are still widely followed by people in countries in Asia, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

When on vacation to Japan, you don’t have to worry about food. The reason is, that Japanese food is certainly familiar to our tongues. Examples of Japanese foods that are widely sold in our country are sushi, bento, and ramen. In addition, Japanese Cuisine has a taste that is not much different from other Asian specialties.

Well, satisfied walking around and tasting the culinary specialties of Sakura Country, now it’s time to hunt for some typical Japanese souvenirs for relatives and friends in Indonesia. What are the typical souvenirs from Japan? This is the summary of the Wandering version!

  1. Yukata

Yukata is a traditional Japanese dress. A yukata is an informal form of kimono. In the past, Japanese people used Yukata when they wanted to bathe in public baths. But now the yukata is used during summer festivals, for example during fireworks, matsuri, or dancing during Obon celebrations.

Bringing a yukata as a typical Japanese gift to friends and family at home is a pretty good idea. The reason is, that the price of this yukata is much cheaper than a formal kimono, so you don’t have to spend too much.

  1. Edo Furin

If you are a fan of Japanese cartoons or comics, you must be familiar with this one. Edo furin (Wind Bell / Glass Bell) is a small beanball that is used as a hanger in front of the windows of Japanese houses.

When blown by the wind, this hanger will sound like a bell. Her soft voice makes the summer atmosphere in the house feel thick like in Japan. Edo furin is one of the unique, cute, and Japanese souvenir alternatives.

  1. Tokyo Banana

Bananas from Tokyo? How does it feel huh? Wait a minute, Tokyo Banana is not a banana harvested in Tokyo. This is the name for a soft cake filled with cream made from banana waste. Its delicious taste will surely make anyone who tries it addicted.

Lately, Tokyo Banana has always been the target of foreign tourists visiting Japan. Of course, this delicious cake is very appropriate to be a gift for the family at home. The price of this cake is not too expensive, 4 Tokyo Bananas are sold for 483 or around 50 thousand rupiahs.

  1. Anime Stuff

You’d agree if we said Japan is anime heaven, right? Well, of course, it’s very easy to find anime stuff in Japan, such as comics, cosplay costumes, and much more.

Bring these items for your friends or family who like anime. Of course the price of anime stuff there is much cheaper if you buy it here.

Look for anime stuff at the otaku shop. Wandering will give some recommendations about otaku shops in Japan, namely Liberty in Akihabara, Gojira-ya in Suginami-ku, Mandarake in Nakano-ku, and Akiba Culture Zone in Chiyoda-ku.

  1. Keychain with a Japanese Theme

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy souvenirs, then key chains are one of the souvenirs at an affordable price. Choose some Japanese-themed keychains as gifts.

These key chains are very varied, ranging from cherry tree patterned hangers, buildings that are landmarks in Japan, geisha, to Mount Fuji. Prices for these key chains also vary, the better the material and quality, the more expensive the keychain will be.

  1. Bath Powder

Japan has a very unique tradition, namely soaking in hot water. Some of the bathtubs in Japanese homes are still very traditional and are made of wood. In addition, in this Sakura Country, you will find many hot springs.

So, there’s nothing wrong with bringing this unique Japanese tradition to Indonesia through a gift in the form of bath powder. This bath powder is usually used to mix hot water in the bathtub.

In some shops or minimarkets in Japan, there are various brands of bath powder offered. The price is relatively cheap, for only 100 or around 11 thousand rupiahs you can already buy a packet of bath powder with a pleasant aroma.

  1. Maneki Neko

The “lucky cat” is what Maneki Neko is usually called. Japanese people usually display Maneki Neko in their shops or places of business. This statue of a cat with one hand held up is believed to bring good luck.

Well, if you want to share this fortune with relatives in the country, there’s nothing wrong with buying a Maneki Neko as a souvenir. Although many sell it in Indonesia, the original Japanese Maneki Neko is certainly more unique and interesting.

  1. Daruma

Just like Maneki Neko, Daruma is also believed to bring good luck, you know. It’s just that if Maneki Neko has a cute appearance, this Daruma has a slightly fierce appearance. The shape is usually slightly oval and dominated by red.

This Japanese doll or toy itself is inspired by a Buddhist figure named Bodhidharma. The inside of Daruma is empty and this display is devoid of legs and arms. At first glance, this Daruma looks similar to Matryoshka, a doll from Russia.

  1. Japanese Clogs

Geta is the name for a typical Japanese clog. These traditional sandals made of wood are worn with a yukata or kimono. So, you can buy these clogs to compliment the already wrapped yukata for souvenirs.

  1. Chopsticks

Chopsticks are very common cutlery. Not only in Japan but chopsticks are also used in China and Korea. However, in Japan, there is a shop that offers chopsticks of various sizes, shapes, and colors.

The shop is Hashi Mikura. At this shop, you can request chopsticks with a specific name, date, or message written on them. Don’t worry about quality, because all the chopsticks sold here are of very high quality.

  1. Randoseru

If you are fond of watching Japanese dramas or dramas, maybe you are not strange to see this typical school bag for kindergarten children from Japan. Well, this typical kindergarten bag has a name, namely Randoseru. Many people are hunting for this unique bag.

Its uniqueness is of course because it is only used by kindergarten and elementary school children in Japan. The shape is a box, the size is not too big and not too small, and the colors are varied. However, most Randoseru has red and black colors. So, intend to buy this bag as a unique gift?

  1. Sensu

Do you know Sensu? Yes, Sensu is a Japanese term for a typical fan from this typical Japanese country. Sensu does look like an ordinary fan in general, but in fact, Sensu has carvings that are different from other fans, you know.

Usually, Sensu will be painted with pictures of beautiful Japanese landscapes such as Mount Fuji or Sakura trees. If you are interested in buying it, then you can prepare funds in the range of 60 thousand rupiahs per fan. However, the price also depends on the image and the quality of the fan.

  1. Hanko

Hanko is a stamp that Japanese people usually use when signing autographs. So, they will not prepare the pen to do the signature, they will use the stamp as their signature.

Of course, everyone’s stamp is different and is adjusted to the name of each stamp owner. Well, this Hanko can also be stamped with your name in Japanese to be given as a unique gift. Interested?

  1. Sake

Isn’t it strange with the name Sake? Yes, a drink that is quite popular around the world comes from Japan. Well, you can also bring Sake as a unique souvenir from Japan. However, if you buy Sake as a souvenir, you have to be prepared to drain your wallet a bit.

  1. Geisha Doll

Anime action figures are very common in Japan, how about replacing them with action figures or dolls in the form of a geisha? It’s more unique and more Japanese, isn’t it? Geisha dolls can also be a choice of unique and interesting gifts.

Not surprisingly, many tourists also hunt these geisha dolls as souvenirs and bring them back to their home countries. Yes, indeed these Geisha dolls are sold at various prices, the cheapest is around 3000 yen or around 300 thousand, quite a drain on the wallet, right?

From the list of typical Japanese souvenirs above, which one catches your eye? You can make these souvenirs from the land of Sakura as a reference to buy souvenirs or just leave them with relatives who are going to Japan. Even today, many sell Japanese souvenirs online.