15 Typical Thai Souvenirs that You Must Buy

15 Typical Thai Souvenirs that You Must Buy

Limited budget but want to vacation abroad? Let’s go on vacation to Thailand! The country of the White Elephant is a very economical tourist destination. When compared to Singapore or Malaysia, the cost of vacationing in Thailand is much cheaper.

Thailand provides a complete package for a vacation trip, ranging from shopping centers, nature tours, and nightlife spots, to various culinary paradises. Based on our experience, with only 2.5 million rupiahs, you can already have a backpacker-style vacation in Thailand.

Traveling to Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket is fun, but don’t forget your family or friends in Indonesia. You can share happiness with those in your homeland by bringing Thai souvenirs. From knick-knacks to snacks, here’s the complete list.

  1. Thai T-shirt

Bringing a souvenir in the form of a typical Thai shirt would be a very appropriate idea. The reason is, that t-shirts are useful items and can be used by the recipient of the gift. You can buy “I Thailand” T-shirts or T-shirts with elephants and other Thai landmarks on them. If you are in Pattaya, “I Pattaya” T-shirt as a souvenir typical of Pattaya.

One t-shirt for children is usually sold at 80 baht or 30 thousand rupiahs, while a t-shirt for adults is priced at 100-110 baht or around 40 thousand rupiahs. Very cheap, right? If you buy in bulk, you can ask the seller for a discount.

  1. Muay Thai Pants

Have you ever had Muay Thai? Yes, this is a sport that originates from the Land of the White Elephant. This ancient martial art is indeed very popular lately, including in Indonesia. Although you can’t do Muay Thai, you can buy the signature pants for this kickboxing sport.

Muay Thai pants have a unique and a little ‘crowded’ look. You can give these pants to your relatives in Indonesia. These pants are sold more expensive than t-shirts, which are around 300 baht or 115 thousand rupiahs. By wearing it, you will look dashing like kickboxing athletes.

  1. Mango Sticky Rice

This is a typical Thai dessert that is indirectly known as a typical Bangkok souvenir. In Bangkok, you can find Mango Sticky Rice very easily. Indonesian people usually call this food by the name of Nasi Mangga or Ketan Mango because the main ingredient uses sticky rice.

The food, whose real name is Khao Niew Ma Muang, is made of white sticky rice and very sweet slices of fresh mango. In Thailand, you can buy Mango Sticky Rice at street vendors or shops that specialize in Mango Sticky Rice. This is a must-buy food in Bangkok.

If you want to bring Mango Sticky Rice as a gift, buy this food just before you take off and ask the vendor to wrap it neatly. Arriving in the country, immediately give Mango Sticky Rice to family or friends to ensure freshness.

  1. Durian Chips

One of the typical Thai souvenirs that must be bought is durian chips. These chips are made from the original durian fruit from Thailand. Even though they are both durians, of course, Thai durians have a different taste from the durians you usually eat in Indonesia.

Durian chips are a typical Thai snack that you can get very easily. Some convenience stores and gift shops in Thailand sell this product. You don’t have to worry about the price because these durian chips are sold for 65-100 baht or 25-40 thousand rupiah.

  1. Sequined Wall Display

Another typical Thai souvenir is the sequined wall display. This is an art craft that uses sequins to form an image and writing that will remind you of this land of white elephants. Well, the motifs of these sequined wall displays can vary, but the favorite is the white elephant motif, which reflects Thai souvenirs.

This wall display is made with high creativity and with great care. Later, Thai knick-knacks from these handicrafts will be framed so they are not easily damaged and dirty. After that, the display will be placed on the wall of the person who received your gift.

  1. Thai Keychain / Magnet

Key chains or magnets are cheap and easy-to-obtain souvenirs at any tourist destination. Look for Thai knick-knacks such as elephant-shaped key chains, the Grand Palace, or Wat Arun. Many key chains are sold for 100 baht for 6 pieces.

Apart from key chains, you can also buy magnets with maps of Thailand or pictures of tourist attractions like Phuket. The more you buy these Thai souvenirs, usually, you will also get a discount from the seller. For example, if you buy a magnet for 40 baht per piece, you will be offered to buy 3 at a time for 100 baht.

  1. Thailand Nestea

What is Thai Nestea? Well, Thailand Nestea is a bottled milk tea drink. This drink is very famous in Thailand, you know. Several online shops in Indonesia sell this product. Of course, it will be cheaper if you buy it directly in Thailand than buying it at an online store in Indonesia.

Thailand Nestea can be used as gifts or souvenirs. Besides being delicious, this drink is also of course very rich in nutrients. A pack of Thai Nestea sells for 99 baht. This price is cheap because one pack contains 12 sachets.

  1. Miniature Tuk Tuk

You must know that the tuk-tuk is public transportation commonly used in Thailand. If in Jakarta you are familiar with bajaj, then this tuk-tuk is a combination of bajaj and rickshaw. So, it can be said that this Tuk Tuk is a traditional vehicle in this white elephant country.

To bring Thai souvenirs to family and friends in Indonesia, there’s nothing wrong if you buy a miniature tuk-tuk. These miniatures have different sizes. However, the person who receives this miniature tuk-tuk can make it a display in a decorative cupboard or on your desk. This antique souvenir is a fairly favorite type of souvenir from Thailand.

  1. Sarong Pants

Sarong pants are pants commonly worn by women in Thailand. The fabric of these pants is very breathable, making them suitable for relaxing. At Chatuchak Market, you can find these pants easily. For your information, Chatuchak Market is a weekly market. So, this market is only open on weekends.

  1. Rice Soap

Although many online shops in Indonesia offer rice soap products, there is nothing wrong if you buy rice soap directly in the country of origin to be used as souvenirs. There are many variants of rice soap that you can get in Thailand.

The price of this rice soap is quite affordable at around 40 baht so you can buy some for your family and friends at home. Rice soap has a very distinctive aroma. In addition, rice soap is claimed to whiten and smooth the skin.

  1. Bento Squid Snack

Squid snacks or familiarly known as jerky Juhi are Thai souvenirs that are cheap, delicious and a must-buy. The most famous squid snack brand in Thailand is Bento. These products can be easily found in supermarkets, grocery stores, and gift shops in and around Bangkok.

There are three flavor variants of this squid snack, ranging from sweet, spicy-sweet, to super spicy. This snack is very delicious and eaten as a snack. The Bento squid snack is also delicious when eaten with side dishes and white rice.

  1. Royal Chitralada Milk Candy

Thailand is a culinary paradise. We can give snacks or Thai specialties as souvenirs for relatives in the country. One of the mandatory souvenirs that you must buy if you go to Thailand is Royal Chitralada Milk Candy.

The candy, which is round and slightly flat, has a very rich, milky sweetness. If you don’t like milk, this brand also provides chocolate variants, you know. Whatever the variant, Royal Chitralada Milk Candy is a cheap souvenir that must be on your souvenir shopping list.

  1. Miniature Thai Elephant

Do you certainly know that Thailand has the nickname the land of white elephants? Of course, Thai souvenirs that reflect the characteristics of this country are all things that smell like elephants. If you want to buy beautiful souvenirs that can be stored for a long time, just buy a Thai Elephant miniature.

The price of this Thai elephant miniature varies according to the material and size. Almost every market or souvenir shop sells miniature Thai elephants. Just choose the model and price of the miniature elephant that best suits your wishes.

  1. Thai Silk Fabric

Gift special items for the special people in your life. One of the special and highly valued Thai souvenirs is the Thai Silk Fabric. The process of weaving Thai silk is completely natural and relies on human power. In addition, silkworms also produce natural protein fiber due to a strict diet of mulberry leaves.

This Thai silk cloth gift is perfect for giving your parents, in-laws, or business relations. Thai Silk Fabric color choices are also quite diverse. So you can give a few yards of the finest silk as a very valuable gift.

  1. Spa Products

Thailand is famous for its massage and spa therapies that are not inferior to those in Indonesia. Aromatherapy and spa products from this country are also sought after by tourists, especially foreign tourists from America, Europe, and Australia. The very distinctive aroma of Thai spa products can make anyone who inhales it more relaxed. If you are confused about looking for Thai souvenirs that are beautifully packaged, just buy spa products from Thailand which are usually packaged luxuriously and are suitable as souvenirs.

There are still many Thai souvenirs that have not been discussed here, such as passport covers, Thai-style bags, miniature buildings that are landmarks in Thailand, etc. Do you have other souvenir ideas typical of the White Elephant Country? Come on, share with us in the comments column so that it can be an inspiration for other readers.