10 Typical Surinamese Foods That Can Stimulate Your Taste

10 Typical Surinamese Foods That Can Stimulate Your Taste

Suriname is a country located in South America. Even though the Dutch colony is far from Indonesia, most of its cuisines are similar to those in Indonesia. Given that there are many indigenous descendants of the Javanese tribe who live and settle there.

This happened from 1890-to 1939, at which time many Javanese people were brought by the Dutch to serve as workers. Well, curious about what kind of cuisine is in the countries that are members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference? Come on, let’s take a look at the articles that have been wandering around below!

  1. Rice

If in Indonesia there is fried rice, in Suriname there is a special culinary that is similar to the most delicious food in the world. The people of Suriname call this dish by the name of Nasi. White rice itself is called Witte rijst, which is taken in Dutch.

If in Indonesia fried rice is often made when there is an order, then in Suriname the dish is usually made in large portions. One type of fried rice variant that is quite popular in the country whose capital is Paramaribo is NasiMet Moksie Metie, which is fried rice containing mixed pieces of meat.

Meanwhile, the usual toppings served on rice include sliced ‚Äč‚Äčomelets, pickled cucumbers, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded chicken, and crackers.

  1. Saoto

Another unique dish that is similar to cuisine in Indonesia is Saoto. This soupy dish, which is similar to Soto Madura, is one of the favorite menus for the people of Suriname.

Just like in Indonesia, a serving of Saoto generally contains shredded chicken, vermicelli, bean sprouts, boiled eggs, and given a brownish yellow sauce.

Surinamese people usually enjoy Saoto with white rice, potato wedges, and Bakabana, which is a type of banana that is usually served as an additional menu when dining. The price offered by the seller for one serving of Saoto is around 5-7 Euros.

  1. Pitjel

Next, there is a unique dish called Pitjel. At first glance, this typical Surinamese cuisine is similar to the Pecel dish in Indonesia.

Both dishes are known to be made from fresh or boiled vegetables. Pitjel usually consists of various vegetables such as bean sprouts, long beans, eggs, cucumber, carrots, cabbage, and boiled kale.

Just like Pecel in Indonesia. Pitjel is served with peanut sauce, which has been mashed with chili. The taste of the seasoning itself is slightly different from what is usually served in Pecel. Pitjel itself is usually served as an appetizer in Suriname.

The price for this unique dish is quite affordable, which is around 3-5 Euros for each serving. So, what do you think about this food?

  1. Telo Terie

This culinary dish is made from cassava. The people of Suriname themselves call the food that is suitable as a snack this afternoon with the name Telo Terie, which is fried cassava served with a unique peanut sauce that is unique to Suriname.

In Indonesia, fried cassava is often processed with cheese. In Suriname, Telo Terie is served with anchovies cooked with spices that have a spicy taste.

Telo Terie itself is a dish that is often peddled in various restaurants and cafes in Suriname as a friend to chat with friends or colleagues. Guess how it feels, huh? Is it similar to the one in Indonesia?

  1. Frying

The name of this cuisine is certainly familiar to the people of the country. Despite having the same name, the way this dish is served is slightly different from that in Indonesia.

Oseng-oseng Suriname usually consists of various types of vegetables such as pumpkin, carrots, and cabbage, or made from meat ranging from liver gizzard, intestines, chicken, shrimp, and beef, which are stir-fried.

In Indonesia, Oseng-oseng is often served as a side dish of rice. In Suriname itself, Oseng-oseng is used as a filling for bread or sandwiches.

  1. Goedangan

One of these special dishes is quite liked by the people of Suriname. The people themselves call this dish Goedangan, which is a salad consisting of vegetables such as bean sprouts, long beans, and cucumber, with a sauce made of coconut and pieces of chili.

Additional pieces of boiled eggs add to the deliciousness of this healthy Surinamese dish. Goedangan has a blend of salty, savory, spicy, and sweet flavors. Surinamese people usually serve Goedangan as a dessert. If you’re on a trip to Suriname, don’t forget to try this signature dish.

  1. Bakabana

This special food is very similar to the one in Indonesia. Bakabana is a special dish made from bananas. Bakabana is a very popular snack for the people of Suriname. In Indonesia itself, the food is called fried banana.

However, it is different from fried bananas in Indonesia. Bakabana in Suriname is usually served with a thick peanut sauce. This dish is often used as a dessert. Uniquely, the people of Suriname usually add a little salt on top of the fried bananas and eat it with the typical Surinamese chili.

  1. Sambal

Apart from Indonesia, Sambal is also quite popular in Suriname. Sambal is usually consumed as a complement to meals. Sambal has various types of variants that are unique in Indonesia. Not inferior to those in Indonesia.

Sambal in Suriname also has various variants, ranging from pickled pepper and onion, chili chutnet, chili sauce, shrimp sauce, and tomato sauce.

The people of Suriname themselves usually use a type of chili called Madame Jeanette where the taste offered by this type of chili is almost similar to cayenne pepper in Indonesia.

  1. Moxy Alesi

The next food that you must try when traveling to Suriname is Moksi Alesi. At first glance, this dish is similar to Nasi Wrap, or Nasi Campur in Indonesia. Usually, one serving of Moksi Alesi consists of several types of side dishes such as shrimp, meat, fish, vegetables, chili sauce, and white rice.

The side dishes served in one portion are very diverse, as are usually sold in warteg in the country. Moksi Alesi can be easily found in various corners of the city in Suriname. By spending around 7 Euros, you can enjoy a portion of typical Surinamese dishes that have unique tastes such as Moksi Alesi.

  1. Bread

The dishes found in Suriname were more or less influenced by immigrants from other countries in the past. We can see that from this special dish. Although the name is the same as the one in Indonesia, this dish is very different. Bread is a typical food favored by the people of Suriname.

Roti is a typical dish similar to Indian food. Roti consists of Canai, which is a food made from refined wheat or flour in a flat shape and a thick Indian curry sauce cooked with several other ingredients such as potatoes, chickpeas, eggs, and chilies. The people of Suriname usually pour thick curry sauce over Canai. The bread itself has a salty, savory, and spicy taste.

Those are the 10 typical Surinamese foods that we managed to talk about for you. Most of the typical dishes found in Suriname are indeed similar to those in Indonesia. This is indeed inseparable from the influence of the Javanese people who lived and settled in Suriname in the past.

If you have the opportunity to visit Suriname, the dishes mentioned above are a must for you to try. Hopefully, the above information can be useful and be an inspiration in making a food menu for dining.