10 Sweet Turkish Snacks Suitable for Iftar

10 Sweet Turkish Snacks Suitable for Iftar

Indonesia does not lack a variety of sweet-tasting dishes to break the fast. From deep-fried dishes to soupy dishes such as compotes and setups you can try them every day. However, if you are bored and want to taste a new takjil, this Turkish sweet snack can be tried for breaking the fast.

As a country with a majority Muslim population, Turkey has a variety of Ramadan dishes with delicious and distinctive flavors, including dessert menus that are traditionally served at Eker Bayram or Ramadan Feast. Eker Bayram is a party that is held for three days, right after the month of Ramadan is over.

During the party, people rejoice with their families wearing their best clothes. Eker Bayramı is also known as the Sugar Festival because of the many sweet dishes served here. The various desserts are Turkish specialties, traditional foods that are much liked, especially by children.

Seeing that these desserts are liked by children, the taste will be suitable if it is eaten on a new takjil menu. Children or nephews must be enthusiastic about trying it. They are also guaranteed to love this authentic Turkish sweet. What are some delicious Turkish snacks to break the fast? Check out the following information!

  1. Baklava

The first inspiration came from Turkish sweets that are already quite famous in Indonesia. Especially if it’s not Baklava. The most famous Baklava in Turkey is Baklava from Gaziantep City.

Here, many people are experts in making the dish, so the resulting taste is famous for its delicacy. Baklava typical of the city of Gaziantep has even been registered with UNESCO, you know.

Baklava is a sweet dish made from layers of filo pastry, a kind of thin, crispy bread, filled with chopped walnuts or pistachios. The sweet taste of this snack comes from syrup or honey.

When a serving of Baklava is served, you will enjoy the light sweet taste mixed with the crunchy filo pastry. No wonder Baklava is the most famous dessert among other Ottoman Cuisine.

Nuts used to make Baklava and honey are great to eat when breaking the fast. Honey can replace the body’s energy that is reduced or even lost during fasting all day. These foodstuffs are considered more useful and contain more nutrients than sugar.

  1. Künefe

Künefe is a traditional Turkish dessert made from Hatay, a type of unsalted fresh melting cheese, similar to mozzarella. It is then coated in sugar syrup and moistened with kadayıf and then fried until crisp. Another recipe says that Künefe is made of filo pastry or semolina dough soaked in sugar syrup.

If the best Baklava comes from Gaziantep, the best Künefe comes from the Hatay Province; the southernmost province of Turkey. The must-have elements in Künefe are kadayıf, or finely grated filo dough, Hatay cheese, syrup, melted butter, and pistachio nuts to sprinkle on top.

A creamy blend of cheese and sweetness of the syrup, it’s perfect to eat when breaking the fast. It can restore the lost mood when fasting all day. Not to mention the content of Hatay cheese which can nourish the body after a day of not eating anything.

  1. Hurma Tatlsı

This Turkish sweet treat looks like dates but is made of sweet flour, sugar, eggs, yogurt, and 10 special spice mixes. Usually, Turkish people eat Hurma Tatlısı with the addition of sherbet and coconut. Hurma Tatlısı is a popular dessert in Central Anatolia.

During Ramadan, many shops in Turkey sell it. They benefit because this ‘date cake’ is selling well. Then what makes it delicious and so popular? Even though the ingredients used are quite ordinary, namely flour, olive oil, yogurt, butter, eggs, and baking powder.

For the dressing, you only need walnuts, sugar, and cinnamon. Although simple, he liked it a lot. Iftar is advised to use sweet foods to restore the energy lost during fasting. That’s why this cake is suitable for breaking the fast because it tastes sweet and delicious.

You may have never tasted a mixture of eggs, flour, and yogurt before, so it’s enough to make you curious and enthusiastic to try it right away, especially for children. Watching them enthusiastically when breaking the fast, will be a pleasure in itself.

  1. Gullaç

No one in Turkey doubts Güllaç as one of the best desserts. The taste is light and delicious and easy to digest is needed by the body when fasting Ramadan. Güllaç itself is the name for the main ingredient of this cake, namely corn flour that has been pre-processed to form thin sheets like beancurd.

It is then soaked in milk, rose water, and added nuts and fruits. For information, Güllaç is a food that always appears during ceremonies in the palace. In the 15th century, the sultan adopted it from the palace kitchen, and until now it has become one of the favorite menus during Ramadan.

Güllaç will be suitable to eat during iftar because the ingredients are very natural and nutritious, such as pomegranate seeds, peanuts, walnuts, or hazelnuts. It is also made from an array of cornstarch, milk, and sugar. Foods like this are needed by the body, compared to starchy desserts that take time to digest.

  1. Kazandibi

Believe it or not, this Turkish sweet snack is made from chicken breast meat? Especially if we look at the traditional recipe. In the traditional recipe in question, chicken breast is mixed with milk and then the meat is mashed using wood until it is mixed. After that add the whipped almonds until the texture turns thick.

In Turkish, kazandibi means the very bottom of the pan. When the chicken breast pudding mixture sticks to the pan and is too cooked to be scraped into pieces, the Turks roll it up, folding it up so that the top of the pudding when served is brown and charred.

It is the caramel layer that ‘protects’ the milky layer on the inside. The basic ingredients of Kazandibi in the form of chicken meat, milk, and sugar are unique, especially for Indonesian people who are not used to serving sweet dishes from chicken meat. However, this cake contains enough nutrients that it is needed when fasting. Can’t hurt to try, right?

  1. Khoshaf

Khoshaf has existed since the time of the sultanate. It is usually served in the Ottoman Palace in the afternoon or when there are guests. Khoshaf was also the main Ramadan dish in the palace. Because at that time sugar was still a rare commodity, sugarcane did not thrive in Turkey. Since then, this dish has been widely adopted by the Turkish people.

Khoshaf itself is simply a compote containing a variety of dried fruits. The process of drying the fruit itself uses sugar syrup, and it is one of the ancient methods of processing food. The fruits commonly mixed in Khoshaf include apples, peaches, pears, and pumpkins.

When making Khoshaf, Turkish people usually mix it with cloves, cinnamon, and quince seeds. A mixture of dried fruits with a spicy sauce brings a lot of nutrients to your body. This is certainly necessary during fasting, especially so that the body’s stamina is maintained.

  1. Kaymaklı Kayısı Tatlısı

The main ingredients for making this Turkish sweet snack suitable for breaking the fast are dried apricots or canned apricots. In addition, you also need water, sugar, fresh cream, almonds, and pistachio nuts that have been ground. To make it you just need to soak the apricots in water for about 1 hour.

Next, make a sweet syrup by boiling sugar and water. Use the water to boil the apricots. Wait until the fruit is ripe, then cut it open and add the cream to it. Sprinkle with pistachios for the final touch

This Turkish fruit dessert will be suitable for breaking the fast because apricots are rich in fiber, Vitamins A and C, and antioxidants. These ingredients are useful for protecting the body from diseases due to decreased energy and decreased body resistance when fasting.

  1. Revani

Revani is one of the mainstay desserts since the Ottoman era. This cake seems to have been adopted by many countries in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. In Arabic, you will find it under the name Basbousa while in Armenia, this cake is known as Shamali.

In simple terms, Revani is a soft yellow semolina cake. It is then soaked in a syrup that tastes light because it only consists of sugar, water, and lemon juice.

Imagining it served as an iftar dish, is already tempting, let alone eating it, right? The semolina flour used to make Revani is made from durum wheat. The texture is coarser than flour in general. When cooked, it will turn out to be chewy.

Semolina flour has a good fiber content so it is suitable to eat for breaking the fast because it will provide a feeling of fullness for a long time. You can calmly worship first without worrying about starvation. Not to mention, the sweet and fresh taste of syrup can make the mood go up again. If you are curious, you can try to make it, you know!

  1. Kesme Dondurma

Turkey has a very famous traditional ice cream. They call it Dondurma. Kesme Dondurma itself is made from goat’s milk and ointment or sahlep or sahlab, which is flour made from tubers, and tubers that contain glucomannan.

This traditional ice cream from Turkey has a sweet and soft taste, very fitting and comfortable for consumption by all ages. It is not wrong if it is also suitable for breaking the fast.

We certainly don’t need to doubt the nutritional content of goat’s milk, because apart from being low in cholesterol, it is high in protein and calcium. Goat’s milk is also considered to have a composition that is easier to digest by the body than cow’s milk.

Meanwhile, glucomannan can help treat diabetes, lose weight, treat constipation, and as a prebiotic. The advantages and disadvantages of this typical Turkish snack are very much needed by the body when fasting.

  1. Lokma

Another of the most famous Turkish sweets that will be suitable as takjil when breaking the fast later, namely Lokma. Simply put, this dish is in the form of fried flour smothered in syrup or honey. To make the dough, you only need flour, sugar, yeast, and salt.

Once fried and cooked, drizzle with syrup or honey. Sometimes, it is also sprinkled with cinnamon powder, chocolate sauce, mashed walnuts, or sesame seeds. Lokma is small and can be eaten in one bite. This legit-looking snack fits perfectly with coffee, so it will be suitable for those of you who are used to or have to drink coffee when breaking the fast.

Some of the typical Turkish sweets mentioned in this article you can make yourself, some of which are adapted to ingredients that are easily found in Indonesia. The dominant sweet taste is indeed the main requirement for breaking the fast.

All because the body needs sugar to restore energy as soon as possible after a long day of fasting and loss of energy. Hopefully, the typical Turkish snacks in this article can inspire you!