10 Most Delicious and Famous Arabic Foods

10 Most Delicious and Famous Arabic Foods

Rich in spices, based on mutton or wheat flour, are some of the hallmarks of Arabic food. There are many Arabic foods, and some of them are well known to the general public. Then, what are the famous Arabic specialties today? If you want to know, check out the list below!

  1. Maryam Bread

This bread is a typical Arabic bread that is famous and has many devotees. In Indonesia itself, many outlets or kiosks sell this one bread. This bread that looks like roti canai is made with wheat flour mixed with butter and eggs.

In addition to the three basic ingredients above, this bread also has other additional ingredients according to the desired taste of Bread Maryam, from chocolate to meat, all of which can be added as additional ingredients for this bread.

  1. Kebuli Rice

In addition to Roti Maryam, this Arabic dish is also commonly found in Indonesia. Many restaurants or cafes in Indonesia provide this one food. Nasi Kebuli itself is made with a mixture of rice and mutton which is then mixed with broth and goat’s milk. Some special spices were also mixed into this food.

No doubt, it makes this food so delicious and rich in spices in it. To make it more delicious when eaten, this food is usually added with various complements. Sambal, pickles, or raisins are common accompaniments.

  1. Shawarma

In Indonesia, this food is popularly known as kebab. In Arabia there, this dish is made by inserting meat into a long iron and then roasting it by turning it for a whole day. Then, the meat is cut and put in Arabic bread along with a certain number of toppings.

The meat used in this dish varies. Starting from mutton, lamb, and chicken, to turkey, you can use this as meat for this one dish.

  1. Lafa & Hummus

One of the characteristics of Arabic food is that it always uses bread as the basic ingredient. Lafa is one of the typical Arabic foods that use these basic ingredients. Lafa is Arabic bread that is baked and shaped like a pita. Lafa itself is usually used as a dip for this food tandem, namely Hummus.

The hummus itself is a peanut sauce made from ground sesame, soybeans, lentinis, salt, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. To make it more interesting and flavorful, these foods will usually be topped with more garlic, tomatoes, tortillas, and/or chickpeas.

Hummus is usually often paired with Lafa. However, it is often paired with other foods, such as potatoes or vegetables.

  1. Rice Bath

Besides Nasi Kebuli, Nasi Mandi is another typical Arabic food made from rice. This rice is made by mixing rice, meat, and special spices which are then cooked in a kiln. The food furnace itself is usually a hole underground.

One of the spices used in this dish is an apron. This typical Arabic spice makes this one yellowish food and tastes good. Meanwhile, the meat used is usually mutton, meat commonly used in Arabic cuisine.

In addition to having a characteristic in terms of color, this rice also has the characteristic of a slightly moist texture. The texture is formed as a result of the processing of this one dish.

  1. Biryani Rice

This one food is often equated with Nasi Mandi. This can not be separated from the color of the rice which is similar to Nasi Mandi. The difference between this rice and Nasi Mandi is that it tastes spicier. Apart from the taste, the way to cook this rice is also different from Nasi Mandi. The way to cook this rice is by diaron and watering it with the spices in this special rice seasoning sprinkler.

The spicy taste that you will get on this rice is different from the spicy taste in general. When you eat this rice, you will feel a spicy sensation that causes a warm feeling in your mouth and stomach. Similar to the spicy taste of Indian cuisine.

  1. Kushari

this is another typical Arabic menu made from rice. This dish is made by mixing rice with macaroni and lentils. Then, the mixture of rice with lentils and macaroni is topped with pieces of spaghetti, chickpeas, fried onions, tomato sauce, and vinegar.

There is one unique fact behind this one food. It is said that this food originating from Egypt was once food for workers and laborers. In those days, this food was usually made from leftovers. Thanks to the delicacy that is in it, this food is slowly becoming widely known and is now food that can be consumed by anyone.

  1. Mutabaq

This Yemeni dish is made from a thin layer of cake filled with eggs, tomatoes, parsley, onions, minced meat, and jalapeno peppers. In Indonesia, this food is at first glance similar to egg martabak.

This food has been found in many countries. The food is now an appetizer that is commonly eaten by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Manakeesh

this is another typical Arabic food made from wheat flour. The flour used in this dish will later be mixed with honey and sugar and form slightly flat like pizza.

Just like Roti Maryam, this food also has a choice of filling which is the distinctive taste of this food. Starting from minced meat to ackawi cheese can be included in this one bread.

  1. Nasi Kabsah

Just like Biryani Rice, this rice is also often considered similar to Nasi Mandi. This rice itself has a color similar to fried rice and is cooked by boiling. The ingredients for this rice are rice, tomatoes, chilies, and mutton or chicken. After finishing boiling, this rice will not be served immediately. For a few minutes, the rice will be drained so that it is dry and has no gravy.

There will be a unique sensation that you will feel when you eat this Arabic food. In one bite of this rice, you will feel the sour taste combined with the savory. This of course cannot be separated from the spices used and the unique way of cooking it.

Arabic has some special foods, some of which are now well known and in demand by many people, including in Indonesia. How about you, which Arabic food do you like? Or, do you want to add to the list of other Arab specialties that are no less famous? Whatever it is, immediately share it with us via the comments column, OK!