10 Delicious Turkish Foods You Must Try

10 Delicious Turkish Foods You Must Try

The Turkish serial drama fever is endemic in Indonesia. From day to night there are always Turkish soap operas that are shown on Indonesian screens. Yes, it can’t be separated from the actors and actresses who play soap operas who have attractive and charming faces. In addition, the plot of the Turkish drama is quite fun to listen to.

Turkey is a very large country and is located in the Eurasia region. The capital of Turkey is Ankara. However, if Indonesia has Jakarta as its capital city as well as a city that is considered the most developed of other regions, the most important and most developed city owned by Turkey is Istanbul.

Istanbul is the economic, cultural, historical, and entertainment heart of Turkey. Don’t be surprised if many tourists make Istanbul a tourism destination if they visit Turkey or Europe.

Well, if you also want to take a walk in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey, first identify the following typical Turkish foods. This list of typical foods can be a recommendation for a culinary tour when in Turkey.

  1. Kebabs

It is one of the most popular Turkish food all over the world. Kebabs are slices of mutton or beef grilled on a rotating grill post, then rolled in savory pita bread. In addition to meat, kebabs also contain tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mushrooms, and chili sauce.

If you don’t want to eat kebabs wrapped in pita bread, you can also eat satay kebabs, which are pieces of meat, peppers, and onions that are skewered and grilled until cooked. In Turkey, you can find this food easily. Many street vendors sell kebabs in almost all areas of Turkey.

  1. Borek

At first glance, Borek looks very similar to Baklava. It’s just that if Baklava contains nuts and has a sweet taste, this Borek contains cheese, minced meat, and vegetables such as spinach or potatoes. These various ingredients make borek have a savory taste.

Although it looks almost the same, the way of making Borek is different from Baklava. Borek is usually grilled directly or boiled before baking. In addition, you can also choose a savory dry Borek or a wet Borek which is soft and melts in your mouth. Before serving, the top of the Borek is also sprinkled with black sesame.

  1. Dolma

Its appearance is slightly similar to the typical Indonesian Lemper. However, if the lemper is wrapped in banana leaves, the leaves that are used to wrap this food can be eaten, you know. The name of this typical Turkish cuisine is Dolma.

Vegetables commonly used to make this Dolma are eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, and grape leaves. The contents of this Dolma are rice and minced meat. Then, Dolma will be steamed until cooked before serving.

  1. Dondurma

Who doesn’t love ice cream? This food is not only liked by children, you know, adults also like to eat ice cream. In Turkey, there is ice cream with a distinctive taste called Dondurma.

The texture of this ice cream tends to be sticky like chewing gum. To make this ice cream, you need an ointment made from young orchid root flour and mastic which is sap from plants. No wonder the texture of this ice cream is stickier than ice cream in general. Dondurma can be found in food trucks or ice cream stalls on the side of busy streets in Turkey.

  1. Kofte

After getting to know some typical Turkish foods in the form of bread and pastries, it’s not perfect if we don’t know the main course dishes typical of Turkey. One of the mainstay dishes that you should not miss in this country is Kofte.

Kofte is a type of steak that is small like a cake. This food comes from ground chicken, beef, or goat and is mixed with spices. How to process this Kofte can be baked, boiled, or fried according to taste. Kofte is usually eaten with salad, rice, and sauce.

  1. Manti

This Turkish dish is a little reminiscent of ravioli, a type of Italian pasta. However, this food called Manti is a kind of dumpling filled with beef or lamb cooked by boiling or frying. Once cooked, Manti will be served with butter and a sauce made from yogurt.

  1. Pide

It turns out that you can also find pizza while in Turkey! Pide is a typical Turkish pizza that has a very long leaf-like shape. Just like pizza in general, Pide topping consists of minced meat, peppers, and cheese. This Pide is perfect for enjoying while relaxing and chatting with friends.

  1. Hummus

Do you think this one dish is a dessert? Not. Hummus is a typical Turkish salad. The basic ingredients for making Hummus are chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, and salt.

Since Hummus is an appetizer, it is usually eaten with pita bread. The way to enjoy Hummus is to tear some pita bread and dip it into the Hummus. Guaranteed, you will be addicted after trying it.

  1. Baklava

This sweet bread is not to be missed when you are in Turkey. Baklava is a nut-filled sandwich served with honey or syrup. Baklava is very similar to banana Bolen originating from Indonesia. This type of bread is also easy to find in pastry shops in Turkey.

  1. Kumpir

In Turkey, you can also enjoy a baked potato called Kumpir. Kumpir is baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil. Once cooked, these potatoes are cut in half and topped with butter and cheese.

Some Kumpir traders also offer to add sausage and tomato sauce topping on top of the Kumpir. Usually, this Kumpir is sold on the roadside or in night markets at quite affordable prices.

Turkey is not only famous for its history and serial dramas, you know. There are many interesting things that you can encounter when you are in Turkey, one of which is a variety of Turkish specialties as above. Do you have any other Turkish culinary recommendations? Come on, recommend it to us through the comments column!