10 Unique and Interesting Cafes to Visit While in Japan

10 Unique and Interesting Cafes to Visit While in Japan

Japan has always been a country known for both unique and unusual things. The concept they have feels fresh and also sometimes feels strange to some people.

The uniqueness of the concepts they have can also be seen in the cafe themes they have. The themes range from being very cute to a cafe theme that makes the hairs stand on end.

The concept or theme of the cafe, which is unique and often strange, becomes the main attraction for people to visit it. The following are some cafes with unique and interesting cafe concepts and themes in Japan. Prepare the contents of your wallet, maybe you want to visit all of them.

  1. Harry Cafe

Location: Tokyo, Shibuyaku, jingumae 1-13-21, Japan
Operating Hours: 12.00-19.00

Harry Cafe is a hedgehog cafe located in Harajuku which is quite famous. In this cafe, you can play with cute little hedgehogs. You can also make pets because they also sell hedgehogs.

Their size is small so it fits perfectly in the hand and has a variety of colors. Harry Cafe not only provides hedgehogs, several Harry Cafes in other places provide other animals such as otters and hamsters.

If you are interested in keeping them they also provide consulting services for their breeding. So you are interested in keeping this cute animal?

  1. The Lockup: Dungeon Cafe

Location: 160-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Kabukicho, 1 Chome−16−3 6F, Japan
Operating Hours: 16.00-21.00

This cafe has a horror theme, a place that gives the experience of being a prisoner. Entering the cafe your hands will be handcuffed like a prisoner. Once inside you will see a dining room in the form of a detention room.

Outside the dining room, the walls are decorated with skull bones and other scary creatures. The room in this cafe looks a bit dark so it adds to the horror when you enter the cafe.

The maids wore police uniforms and those who would take visitors to the detention room were in the basement. The food at this cafe also looks as scary as a drink served with human eyeball decorations.

  1. Maid Cafe

Location: Akihabara, Japan
Operating Hours: 16.00-21.00

Maid Cafe is in Akihabara, Tokyo. Cafes with this theme began to appear in Akihabara around the 2000s. Maid cafes are part of the otaku culture in Akihabara.

In these cafes, the waiters wear maid uniforms that look cute and funny. There are about five maid cafes that are famous and also become a place that is visited by many.

One of the most well-known maid cafes is Cafe Maidreamin, which has branches in several cities. One maid cafe that has been around for a long time is Maid Cafe Finafore. Then there is also a maid cafe which became a pioneer in carrying the maid cafe theme, namely, Cure Made Cafe, this place was first established in 2001.

  1. Ninja Cafe

Location: 3 Chome-27-14 Nishiasakusa, Taito-Ku, Tokyo 111-0035, Japan
Operating Hours: 16.00-21.00

There are several cafes with ninja themes in Japan. One that is quite well known is Cafe Ninja Asakusa, Tokyo. Ninja is a culture that is characteristic of Japan besides Samurai.

The uniqueness of their fighting art is what makes people visit this ninja cafe. Entering the area inside the cafe, you will immediately feel the ninja feel that bursts out.

The inside of the cafe is decorated with weapons used by a ninja. The food served also includes foods such as udon, curry, and pudding, as well as a menu for vegetarians.

But what attracts people to come is the opportunity to become a ninja by trying to dress like a ninja, and of course trying the tricks of the ninja.

  1. Swallowtail Butler Café

Location: 3-12-12 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-Ku Tokyo, Japan
Operating Hours: 10.30-21.15

If maid cafes use more women as their maids, then Swallowtail Butler Café uses men as their waiters. This cafe will make you feel like a big lady in a cafe with a Victorian style.

When you enter the cafe you will be greeted with a smile from a waiter wearing a tailcoat. This cafe that makes you young masters and young ladies serves a menu of lunch and dinner and courses, it is not complete if there is no tea party first.

A bell is provided for each visitor which can be used to call the waiters if you need anything. Interested to try it?

  1. Gundam Cafe

Location: 1–1, Kandahanaoka-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Operating Hours: 10.00-22.30

This cafe is sure to be a favorite place for Gundam fans. When you enter the cafe, you will be greeted by waiters wearing uniforms like in the Gundam anime.

Inside the cafe, you will feel a futuristic atmosphere decorating the room along with Gundam knick-knacks. One of the best menus is the coffee drink.

The artwork in his latte coffee is a highly recommended menu, especially for die-hard fans of the Gundam Series. Besides eating and drinking, you can also buy Gundam souvenirs that are available at this cafe.

  1. Vampire Cafe

Location: 104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 6 Chome−7−6, Lape Building 7F, Japan
Operating Hours: 13.00-19.30

Vampire Cafe will give you an amazing experience, especially if you like scary things. This cafe with a vampire theme is made with great detail so that it gives visitors a spooky feeling when entering it.

Decorations of blood splatters, coffins, and candles that create a dim atmosphere make the atmosphere of the cafe even more sinister. In addition, the entire room which is dominated by red color makes it feel like there is a vampire there.

Everything in this place will give you an extraordinary experience. The food at this cafe is also arranged very nicely according to the theme of the cafe and of course, you will always find a touch of red in the dishes.

  1. Whitebeard’s Cream Puff Factory

Location: 5 Chome-3-1 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0033, Japan
Operating Hours: 10.30-19.00

Studio Ghibli cider fans will be delighted with this cafe. A cafe that is quite popular in the Shinjuku area. Its location in a residential area makes this cafe a bit difficult to find.

This place is the only place that is officially licensed to make sweet pastries using the iconic Totoro shape. The first floor of the building is a cake shop as well as a place where sweet cakes are made.

While the second floor is a cafe, where you can enjoy the deliciousness of the famous cream puffs accompanied by tea or coffee. The cream puff cakes are only made once a day so you have to come early to get the cream puffs.

  1. Moomin House Cafe

Location: 131-0045 Tokyo, Sumida City, Oshiage, 1 Chome−1−2, Japan
Operating Hours: 08.00-22.30

Moomin Cafe was inspired by a comic strip from Finland about a family of hippos. In this cafe, the waiter will place a doll to sit with you and accompany you to eat.

The concept of togetherness is a concept that this cafe wants to offer to its visitors, even if you come with friends.

Eating and drinking at Moomin House Cafe are guaranteed you will not feel lonely. This cafe is quite popular so you have to wait for the waiter to bring you to a table that you can sit at.

Moomin Cafe is not only found in Tokyo, but you can also find it in Fukuoka city, and each place has its uniqueness that is interesting to visit.

  1. Les Grand Arbres

Location: 106-0047 Tokyo, Minato City, Minamiazabu, 5 Chome−15−11 3, Japan
Operating Hours: 11.00-19.00

Le Grand Arbre is a cafe with a tree house concept. This cafe is located in the city center with a large tree shading it. This cafe is famous for being included in the television series entitled “Dear Sister”.

At lunchtime, the cafe will be very crowded because it is located near office buildings and embassies. The favorite place in this cafe is a seat on the roof.

The flowers in the garden around the seating area make the upper terrace even more lively. Le Grand Arbres itself is on the 3rd and 4th floors. While on the 1st and 2nd floors it is used as a flower shop. The attraction of this cafe is also its healthy menu of vegetables picked in the morning.

Those are some cafes with interesting and unique concepts found in Japan. Each place has its charm that will provide an unforgettable experience, especially if you visit a cafe with a horror theme that is scary as a vampire cafe.

The uniqueness of these cafes is worthy for you to visit at least once in your lifetime. The uniqueness they offer will give you an extraordinary experience when you visit Japan. Cute theme or horror theme, which one catches your eye, and will you choose to visit when you visit Japan?