10 Most Delicious and Popular Japanese Snacks

10 Most Delicious and Popular Japanese Snacks

Everything about Japan is very interesting to discuss. Starting from culture, movies, food, and tourist attractions in Japan, it is indeed very charming and attracts the attention of tourists from various countries. Are you also planning to travel to Japan? If so, you should try various kinds of snacks that are typical of the land of cherry blossoms.

A variety of typical Japanese snacks sold on the roadside or on street stalls there are indeed very delicious. However, if you have limited time and budget, you just need to try some of the most popular Japanese snacks, this version of Wandering.

  1. Dorayaki

This Doraemon cartoon character’s favorite cake is a typical Japanese snack that you must try when you set foot in the land of cherry blossoms. This is a traditional Japanese cake that is round in shape and slightly puffed up. In the middle of this cake, there is a red bean or jam of various flavors. However, the red bean filling is the original.

If you go to Japan, you can find dorayaki cake vendors at stalls or booths that open on the side of the road. This delicious cake will taste better if eaten warm.

  1. Oden

In winter or at night, you can stop by for a while at a street stall in Japan that sells Oden. This soupy food can warm the body. Oden is a fish stock broth filled with fish balls, tofu, seaweed, squid, octopus, and various other seafood.

With the sauce still hot, Oden can make your body warmer and fresher. In addition, this food can also be enjoyed with sake. When eating Oden, you don’t need to order white rice because this food is indeed better eaten directly without using rice.

  1. Takoyaki

This one snack may already be very familiar in Indonesia. Yes, Takoyaki is a Japanese snack that is widely sold in our country. However, it still feels like something is missing if we don’t eat this round-shaped snack in the country directly.

Takoyaki is a kind of round pancake filled with octopus. If you don’t want to eat octopus, you can choose squid or shrimp. Then, after the takoyaki is cooked, it will be given mayonnaise and sauce, then sprinkled with dried fish flakes that look like onion skins.

  1. Dango

If you are a fan of Japanese anime films, this Dango cake often appears in films. So, what is the Dango cake? This is a typical Japanese snack made of rice flour and shaped like takoyaki. This cake has different flavors, ranging from red bean, and sesame, to green tea.

Dango is sold in a skewered form like satay. After that, this cake will be doused with sugar sauce or red bean sauce. Dango is very suitable to be enjoyed while walking around the cities in Japan or just sitting and relaxing while enjoying ocha.

  1. Okonomiyaki

There is takoyaki, there is also okonomiyaki. So, what’s the difference between these two Japanese snacks? While takoyaki is round like meatballs, okonomiyaki is round and flat like an omelet. The ingredients needed to make this snack include eggs, meat, cabbage, and wheat flour.

After that, the ingredients will be fried and formed on a frying board. When almost done, the okonomiyaki will be topped with sauce, mayonnaise, and a sprinkling of dried fish flakes. Okonomiyaki can be found easily in various parts of Japan.

  1. Onigiri

Onigiri or rice balls are also snacks that usually appear in Japanese cartoons. Usually, this food is used as school lunch or picnic. The reason is, that this unique food is very filling to just block the stomach.

Onigiri is rice that is clenched and shaped into a triangle, then inside it can be filled with meat and sesame. After that, the bottom of the onigiri will be wrapped in nori or dried seaweed.

You need to know that Onigiri is one of the snacks that are very easy to get in Japan. You can get this rice ball at street food stalls, roadside stands, restaurants, and even minimarkets.

  1. Ramen

Even though there are many delicious ramen restaurants in Indonesia, you still have to take the time to eat ramen when you are in Japan. This delicious noodle-shaped food is one of the most acceptable snacks for tourists from various countries.

Ramen is noodles mixed with a slightly thick broth, then given a hard-boiled egg, and sliced ​​pork, beef, or chicken. One of the famous ramens in Japan is Ichiran.

At Ichiran, you will eat ramen in private booths so you can enjoy the deliciousness of the ramen more. Ichiran can be found in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and other parts of Japan.

  1. Yakitori

Not only Indonesia, which has satay dishes from various regions. Japan also has a special satay called Yakitori. This food is usually sold in street stalls from the afternoon until the evening. Yakitori is a satay made from chicken, skin, liver, and gizzard.

This satay is grilled over charcoal, then after being cooked the satay will be dipped in tare sauce made of soy sauce, mirin, arak, and sugar. Well, if you feel less full when eating yakitori, you can order onigiri if the shop provides onigiri.

  1. Taiyaki

You should also try this unique Japanese snack when on vacation in the land of cherry blossoms. Is taiyaki which is a cake in the shape of a fish. The top and bottom of the cake will be baked separately, then when cooked the two halves will be joined with red bean butter.

The main ingredients for making taiyaki include wheat flour, eggs, sugar, water, and bakpuder. This snack is usually sold at roadside stalls in various parts of Japan. Consume this snack when it is warm so that it tastes better.

  1. Mochi

Some say that mochi is a snack from Sukabumi Mochi an original snack from the land of the rising sun. This cake made from glutinous rice is given food coloring according to taste and filled with ground green beans or red beans. Next, the mochi dough will be shaped around and ready to be served.

This cake is usually eaten on New Year’s Eve, but you can find mochi in pastry shops in Japan all year round. This cake with a chewy and slightly sticky texture is a fairly well-known and inexpensive snack.

This recommendation about Japanese snacks from Keluyuran can be a reference for those of you who want to take a trip to Japan. Write down this list of snacks so you don’t forget to try them when you’re in Japan.