To be one of the happiest countries, these are 10 facts about education in Finland

To be one of the happiest countries, these are 10 facts about education in Finland

Finland is a country in Northern Europe bordered by Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, occupies the peninsula and surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. In recent years the education system in Finland has surpassed all the countries that have the best education systems in the world. Finland’s education system is currently ranked 6th in the world while the US education system is far below it.

South Korea is indeed ranked first, but the students have no day off even on Sundays, that’s why South Korea doesn’t have the best education system even though they are ranked number one.

Here are some facts that you must know about the education system in Finland which is labeled as the best education system in the world.

  1. Children don’t go to school until they are 7 years old

In Finland’s education system, there are no kindergartens until the child is seven years old. Finnish children don’t even cry when they go to school when they are seven years old, even though they have never had any education before. And children in Finland go to school alone, without even having their parents pick them up.

  1. No test

In Finland, there are no tests until the end of high school. In the education system in Finland, there is no competition so there is no comparison and difference between every student.

  1. No homework

Yes, no homework. Finnish education never puts pressure on students. The education system in Finland wants children to play and spend time with their parents and friends. The education system in Finland believes that there are more important things a child can learn outside of school.

  1. Only 20 hours a week of school time in Finland

In South Korea, students don’t even have Sundays off, and they have twice as much time in school as in Finland. Finland believes that students can learn a lot in 20 hours of school time a week. And believe me, it works. Finnish students are ranked first in the world in mathematics and many other subjects.

  1. The average time spent in school each day is only three to four hours

Students in Finland only spend 3 or 4 hours a day in school. This time includes a lunch break. Teachers in Finland believe that the brain should also relax. If students are forced to continue to work and work, then they will be lazy to study. The education system in Finland has set an example to the world with truly outstanding education and principles.

  1. Being a teacher in Finland is very difficult

Generally, only 1 in 10 applicants have applied for the selected job. One has to get a master’s degree if they want to become a teacher. So, only professionals can become teachers in Finland. In Finland, teachers are treated like lawyers or doctors because teachers have to earn a master’s degree. And there are only eight universities in Finland that provide master’s degrees. So, it’s no wonder why teachers get so much respect in Finland.

  1. Students in Finland are multilingual

Most students in Finland speak more than three languages. And those languages ​​are generally English, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish, French, and German.

  1. No private schools

There are no private schools in Finland. There are only public schools in Finland because private schools are considered to create discrimination between rich children and poor children. Children must go to public schools without exception. In this way, there is no difference between rich and poor. According to the education system in Finland, this is the best way to eliminate discrimination.

  1. Teachers in Finland care about students’ happiness

Teachers in Finland will only teach their students what they want. This is only happening in one place around the world, and that is Finland. The teacher does not force students to study but frees them to choose their favorite subjects they want to learn.

  1. Every school is the same in Finland, whether in the city or outside the city

There is no difference between schools in Finland. Every school in Finland is equipped with the same facilities. So there is no race or competition between schools to be number one.

Well, what do you think? Are you interested in studying in Finland? The education system in Finland is a must!