These 5 Libraries in Finland will make you feel at home reading

These 5 Libraries in Finland will make you feel at home reading

Finland is one of the most developed countries with the happiest people in the world. This country is also one of the countries that have the most advanced education system in the world. Therefore, the level of interest of the population in terms of reading is also quite high in this country.

To facilitate people who like to read, the government, especially in Helsinki, which is the nation’s capital, has opened various libraries with many books from all over the world. Not only has a lot of books, but this library also has a beautiful building with an amazing design.

Here are five of the most amazing libraries in Helsinki, Finland. Make you feel at home!

  1. Oodi

Oodi is a magnificent library that opened on December 5, 2018, and is described as a birthday gift for its citizens. This library has an area of ​​​​17,250 square meters. This place was designed by Finnish architectural firm ALA Architects.

The library is located opposite the Finnish Parliament. Only a third of the space in the library is used for storing books.

However, thanks to the facilities provided by this library in the form of online services and a team of book sorting robots, library users have access to nearly 3.4 million items at the click of a mouse. This makes Oodi a key service point in a much larger distributed library system.

  1. Kallio Library

The Kallio Library from the outside has the appearance of a red brick building that stands majestically. The building is at the end of Porthaninkatu which marks the center of the Kallio district. The library, which was inaugurated in 1912, is the fourth oldest library building in Finland that represents Jugend (Art Nouveau) architecture.

The library was designed by Karl Hård af Segerstad Architects. He drew inspiration from American libraries and then designed the layout according to the so-called butterfly model.

  1. National Library of Finland

The National Library of Finland is located next to Senate Square and Helsinki Cathedral. This library is likened to a temple of science with a magnificent and artistic building.

This library is the largest and oldest scientific library in Finland. It is also one of the largest independent institutions at the University of Helsinki.

The library is responsible for the collection, description, preservation, and accessibility of the Finnish print national heritage and the unique collections under its care. The collection includes more than three million books and magazines.

  1. Töölö. Library

The Töölö Library was inaugurated in 1970. It features the first musical section in Helsinki. This uniquely built library was designed by architects Aarne Ervi, who worked with Alvar Aalto and Toivo Paatela.

Interestingly, this library has been transformed into a social space to meet and hang out with friends. The magnificent building coupled with its attractive architecture makes this library has many visitors.

  1. Rikhardinkatu Library

Rikhardinkatu Library was inaugurated in 1882. This library has a very large staircase which makes the library look even more magnificent. Interestingly, it is the first building in the entire Nordic region to be designed as a public library.

In this place, visitors can experience how the working class is offered the opportunity to improve, develop themselves, and spend their time in an ethical environment.

Finland has a library that is not only magnificent and spacious but also makes visitors feel at home to read and linger here. The library design also looks very charming.

Which library portrait is your favorite?