All Fun, 5 Recommended Tourist Destinations in Turku-Finland

All Fun, 5 Recommended Tourist Destinations in Turku, Finland

Finland is a beautiful country in Northern Europe that is famous for thousands of lakes scattered throughout the country. However, Finland’s tourist attraction does not stop there. There are still many exciting tourist destinations that can be found in Finland, one of which is in the City of Turku.

Turku is a port city in Finland that has a tourist attraction for all people, from children to adults. Visiting Turku will provide an interesting and memorable travel experience.

What tourist destinations can be visited in Turku? Let’s check the following 5 recommendations!

  1. Archipelago National Park

There are 40 national parks scattered throughout Finland. One of the must-visit national parks in Turku is Archipelago National Park.

This national park, which is part of UNESCO’s Archipelago Sea Biosphere Reserve, is a national park that is rich in animal and plant species. The stunning natural scenery of the combination of islands and waters will provide an unforgettable experience of exploring nature.

  1. ArtTeatro

ArtTeatro is an entertainment venue for enjoying circus performing arts in Turku. Founded in 2008, this place focuses on various circus activities and is committed to always presenting the highest quality performances.

Not only circus performances, but ArtTeatro is also a circus school for those who are interested in pursuing this field. Those of you who like circus performances certainly shouldn’t miss a visit to ArtTeatro.

  1. Moominworld

Moomin is a fairy tale character by Finnish artist Tove Jansson. Due to its popularity, Moomin characters can be found all over Finland. You can find mugs, textiles, and accessories with Moomin characters.

Moominworld is a theme park with the theme of Moomin and its magical world. This place is certainly a tourist destination for families with small children. Experience living in the amazing world of Moomin!

  1. Turku Castle

Turku Castle is a castle that is about 700 years old and still stands strong today. Standing in the estuary area of ​​the Aura River, this granite castle looks beautiful.

Visitors can walk around Turku Castle with a tour guide or independently. The combination of the splendor of the castle and the beautiful surrounding natural scenery makes visitors feel at home for a long here.

  1. Hansakortteli Shopping Center

After being satisfied with visiting various tourist attractions, it’s time to go shopping! Turku has a complete shopping center, called Hansakortteli Shopping Center or Hansa Block. Visitors can shop, eat at a convenient restaurant, or exchange money at the money changer. There is also a doctor’s practice and a pharmacy here.

Many events are also held in this place. If lucky, visitors can watch various lively performances. Of course, visiting here will provide a pleasant shopping experience.

Turku provides a wide selection of tourist destinations that are suitable for visiting alone, with friends, or with family. So, don’t forget to add Turku to your wishlist of tourist destinations, OK!