9 Finnish Foods That Go Good With Coffee, Delicious!

9 Finnish Foods That Go Good With Coffee, Delicious!

Finland is a country in Northern Europe that is a member of the European Union. As the happiest country in the world, some special foods are no less popular than in other European countries here.

Finnish food has similarities to Scandinavian food. In this country’s dish, the presence of bread is mandatory on the table, especially if you add a cup of coffee it will taste even more delicious.

From the looks of it, it makes you drool, here are nine typical Finnish foods that are suitable to be eaten while drinking coffee.

  1. Munkki

Munkki is made from flour, sugar, eggs, and butter. These donuts are usually round in shape and are filled with sweet and fruity fillings. In addition, there is also a thick ring that is rolled with powdered sugar.

At first glance, there is no difference between munkki and donuts in general. However, compared to other types of donuts, this sweet snack has a denser and moister texture.

  1. Karjalanpiirakat

Karjalanpiirakat is made of wheat flour, rice, potatoes, and butter. The most popular version usually has a thin oat crust with a rice filling.

Mashed potatoes with rice and carrot fillings are also available. Some are often mixed with chopped boiled eggs and spread over hot pastries before eating.

  1. Rieska

Rieska is a Finnish unleavened flatbread. This simple food contains flour, salt, and water and has different levels of thickness.

Usually, this bread is smeared with butter or jam, then served warm. Can also be given butter and consumed with milk. This bread is baked in the oven, but it can also be baked in a frying pan.

  1. Leipäjuusto

This cheese-like food is made using cow’s, goat’s, or deer’s milk. The name of this cheese has the meaning “cheese bread” because the process of making it undergoes baking, like toast.

This leipäjuusto can be eaten warm or cold, then served as a side dish with coffee or cloudberries. Generally, cheese is served as a dessert paired with cream or jam.

  1. Korvapuusti

Korvapuusti is a cinnamon bun with pearl sugar and topped with cardamom. This cinnamon bun goes well with a cup of coffee.

Most Finns consume more coffee than other European countries that prefer tea. When eaten, a piece of korvapuusti tastes sweet, so you won’t stop chewing.

  1. Ruisleip

Ruisleipä is a rye bread made from sourdough. This wheat bread has a dense, heavy, and even texture.

This cake is usually eaten at breakfast with wood spread, butter, or other spreads. It is sometimes enjoyed with soup at lunch or as an evening snack.

  1. Tippaleipa

This traditional Finnish funnel cake is prepared with a thin egg batter deep-fried in oil. The result is an irregularly shaped golden brown treat.

This tippaleipa is usually associated with vappu or the annual May Day holiday that is celebrated throughout Finland. In addition, this cake is often enjoyed with seasoned sima mead.

  1. Laskiaispulla

Laskiaispulla is a traditional sweet bread made in various forms. This bread is seasoned with cardamom with the top cut off.

Then, the cake is filled with a mixture of milk and almond paste. The cut top serves as a cover and is sprinkled with powdered sugar. This bread is often eaten with hot coffee or tea.

  1. Runebergintorttu

This cookie-like treat has an almond flavor and is topped with raspberry jam and icing. This cake is made from flour, eggs, almond powder, baking powder, and butter.

This cake is characterized by a brown color with a seductive appearance. The texture is crunchy and soft because it is processed from cake crumbs and several other cake-making ingredients.

Those are some typical Finnish foods that are suitable to be eaten while drinking coffee. It’s delicious and appetizing. So, which food number makes you drool the most, huh?