7 Unique Facts about Finnish Iglo Hotels, You Can See Aurora from Your Room

7 Unique Facts about Finnish Iglo Hotels, You Can See Aurora from Your Room

Finland seems to understand very well how attractive the aurora is to become a major tourist destination. In this country, you will easily find lodging that offers views of the aurora from the room.

One of them is Hotel Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle, which is often chosen by artist couples for a staycation in Rovaniemi, Finland. What does it looks like, here are some unique facts about the hotel?

  1. Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle is located in Santa Claus Village

Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle is located in Rovaniemi which is known as Santa’s Village. This is because there is Santa Claus Village which is the office of Santa Claus. Travel time from the hotel is only six minutes by foot.

Besides being able to take pictures with Santa Claus, there are several tour packages to choose from. These include skiing, snowboarding, ice-covered restaurants, museums, and many others. Everything about Santa you can find here.

  1. There are 71 luxury igloo hotels provided

Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle provides 71 rooms with an igloo concept. With the glass roof, you can see the scenery of the Lapland area comfortably without worrying about the cold.

All day in the room will not make you bored. The view in the morning until the aurora comes will “hypnotize” your view.

  1. Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle has an aurora alarm, you know!

The uniqueness of Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle is the presence of an aurora alarm. This alarm is automatically installed on the tablet in your room. So, you don’t have to worry about missing the opportunity to see the aurora.

This hotel has three types of rooms that you can choose from. 51 premium igloos, 10 premium igloos with sauna, and 10 premium igloos with connecting doors.

Each room is equipped with a TV, air conditioning and heating, minibar, bathrobes, breakfast, and so on.

  1. You can only check in in the afternoon

The average check-in time for hotels in Indonesia is 14.00. If you are lucky, you can enter the room at 12.00 or earlier. Meanwhile, at Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle, you can only check in at 16.00.

Time to leave the room at 11.00, feels short, doesn’t it?

  1. Things to do at Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle

Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle offers a comfortable staycation experience with a variety of interesting attractions. Besides Santa Claus Village, you can go on safari with Siberian huskies, play snowmobiles, ride a deer-drawn snowboard, have fun at Snowman World, and more.

  1. The temperature can reach minus 9 degrees Celsius

Prepare the right warm clothes when staying at Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle. Temperatures can reach minus 9 degrees Celsius in January and February. Meanwhile, March and April are friendlier, reaching minus 4 degrees Celsius.

It’s difficult at first, but you can get used to the extreme temperatures.

  1. Price per night

Are you curious about the room price per night at Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle? The price is set from 675 Euros or around Rp. 10.3 million per night.

Well, those are some unique facts about igloo hotels in Finland that allow you to enjoy the beauty of the aurora from inside your room. Let’s save first, let’s get there soon!