7 Cool Destinations of Rovaniemi, Santa’s Hometown in Finland

7 Cool Destinations of Rovaniemi, Santa’s Hometown in Finland

Rovaniemi is a city in Finland that is located in northern Finland. This city, which is famous for its long winter duration, is often included in the list of recommendations for the best winter destinations in the world.

Plus, this city has another fact that is Santa’s hometown in Finland. It makes domestic and foreign tourists more curious.

What does Rovaniemi’s portrait look like? Come on, take a peek at the seven portraits by listening to this destination.

  1. Santa Claus Village

Because it is already thick with the image of Santa’s hometown, Santa Claus Village is the most popular destination to visit in Rovaniemi.

Santa Claus Village itself is a kind of Christmas-themed amusement park. Inside there are Santa’s offices, restaurants, lodging, and a gift shop.

In winter, all the roofs of the village buildings are covered with white snow, coupled with the sparkling colors of the lights. No less cool, the aurora borelis is an interesting show that you can enjoy for a free while here.

  1. Santa Park

Not far from Santa Claus Village, you can also stop by at SantaPark. This destination is also a Santa-themed amusement park with cave-like buildings.

In it many interesting attractions that can be done by visitors. Starting from visiting Santa’s work office, participating in the legendary Elf school, watching Elf’s performances, exploring the ice sculpture gallery, and many more that are fun!

  1. Artikum Museum

Artikum Museum is a science museum that doubles as a tourist destination, especially for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the aurora borealis. Yes, from this place you can see the beautiful dancing aurora borealis.

The museum is also equipped with a meeting room, library, and cafe. Guaranteed to feel at home, in the Artikum Museum.

  1. Ranua Zoo

A visit to Ranua Zoo in Rovaniemi is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable vacation experience. The reason is, that Ranua Zoo is different from other zoos because it is inhabited by animals with arctic characteristics.

These animals include polar bears, huskies, lynks, Sälli deer, and many others. At Ranua Zoo, every visitor can also try riding a sled, playing in the snow with huskies, and enjoying delicious Rovaniemi dishes.

  1. Ounasvaara Winter Trail

The Ounasvaara Winter Trail is a popular hiking area in Rovaniemi. In this destination, all tourists usually do outdoor activities that are identical to winter, such as cross-country skiing, sledding, to downhill.

No less exciting, during these activities, you will be treated to views of pine trees covered in snow. The panorama makes you feel at home!

  1. Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park

Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park is often an option for hiking in winter for both locals and tourists from other Finnish cities.

This national park has hiking trails that are easy to reach, not to mention in winter when the whole place is covered with snow. The charm of Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park is like that in the land of ice.

  1. Lordi’s Square

Lordi’s Square is a well-known square in Rovaniemi. This square is a meeting place for the people of Rovaniemi when holding certain events or festivals in this city.

The square is surrounded by commercial buildings from shopping centers to cafes and restaurants. This square is even more charming when winter arrives, you know.

Are you interested in going on vacation to Santa’s hometown? The moment is right now, especially since the Christmas holidays are approaching. If you haven’t had the chance to come here, I hope you can spend your Christmas holidays next year in Rovaniemi, okay?