5 Recommendations for Exotic Waterfalls in Finland, Make Vacation Missing!

5 Recommendations for Exotic Waterfalls in Finland, Make Vacation Missing!

Nature tourism is indeed more favored by tourists. Apart from having fresh air, nature tourism can also make many visitors feel comfortable because it can soothe the soul.

One of the natural tourist destinations that can be visited is waterfall tourism. Finland has a series of waterfall tours that offer captivating views which of course make the holiday even more exciting. Here are five recommendations for exotic waterfalls in Finland, to make you miss your vacation!

  1. Ravadas Falls

Ravadas Falls is a stunning waterfall that adorns North Lapland. Visitors can find this waterfall in Lemmenjoki National Park. So besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, visitors can also explore the national park with these various attractions.

  1. Pihtsuskongas Falls

Pihtsuskongas Falls is the largest waterfall in the country. So it would be a shame if you missed it. This 17-meter-high waterfall is located in the municipality of Enontekiö.

This waterfall with a charming view has earned the nicknames ‘Finnish Niagara’ and ‘Finnish King’s Falls’. To reach it, visitors have to walk about 40 km. Visitors can also witness a beautiful rainbow in the fall on a clear day.

  1. Kitsiputous Falls

Kitsiputous Falls is a waterfall known as the ‘tears of Malla’. This waterfall is located in the Malla Strict Nature Reserve. The falls fall in a few steps on the southern slope of Malla Fell. This waterfall also has a height that reaches about 100 meters.

Visitors can enjoy the soothing gurgling of the water falling onto the rocks. They can also see the view of the waterfall that has steps.

  1. Fiello Waterfall

Fill Waterfall is a waterfall that has a height of 26 meters. This waterfall is located in magnificent North Lapland. This waterfall is the largest in the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve.

To reach the falls, it is necessary to hike about 30 km along the Kevo Trail in a large gorge. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the spectacular waterfall and the vast natural beauty of the surroundings.

  1. Putaankongas Waterfall

Putaankongas Waterfall is one of the most stunning Finnish waterfalls that must be visited while in this country. This waterfall is located in the Oulanka National Park. The waterfall has a unique shape and geology that distinguishes it from other waterfalls.

This 10-meter-high waterfall has a good amount of water which makes it one of the most popular attractions in the Oulanka forest.

Waterfalls in Finland can provide an unforgettable vacation experience. In addition to enjoying the natural charm that is served, visitors can also relax a bored mind.