5 Most Popular kinds of cheese in Finland with Unique and Delicious Taste!

5 Most Popular kinds of cheese in Finland with Unique and Delicious Taste!

Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries that have an amazing landscape. In addition, this country also has a variety of successful culinary delights to shake the tongue. One of the typical foods that are quite a stealing attention is cheese.

Finnish cheese is famous for its unique and addictive taste. This cheese can be added to salads, and soups, or can be eaten right away. Here are five of Finland’s most popular cheeses with unique and delicious flavors!

  1. Aura

Aura is a semi-soft cheese derived from cow’s milk. This cheese originates from the city of Turku, but since 1935 its production has been shifted to the nekoski region. This cheese has a creamy texture with a strong, sharp, and salty taste.

Aura has two versions, namely regular cheese which is six weeks old, and aura gold which is twelve weeks old. This cheese is commonly used as a filling for salmon rolls and is commonly used in making cheese soups.

  1. Leipäjuusto

Leipäjuusto or also called juustoleipä is a cheese that has a characteristic sound that sticks to the teeth when someone bites it. That is why this cheese is also known as Finnish squeaky cheese.

Cheese can come from cow, goat, or deer’s milk and has a pleasantly sweet and fresh aroma. This cheese has a salty and sweet taste.

  1. Lappi

Lappi is a semi-soft cheese. This cheese is named after its place of origin, the province of Lapland. This cheese comes from cow’s milk that has been partially filtered. This skinless cheese is smooth, soft and firm with many small holes scattered throughout the cheese.

This cheese has a sweet taste and melts easily. This cheese is best paired with a glass of wine.

  1. Get off

Turunmaa is a semi-hard cheese produced by Valio Ltd since 1931 in the Turku region. This cheese made from cow’s milk has no skin. This cheese has a soft texture with a slightly sharp taste.

In the manufacturing process, this cheese takes 7 weeks or more. This cheese also has a fat content of up to 50%. Generally, this cheese is served for breakfast and added to bread or fruit.

  1. Raejuusto

Raejuusto is the Finnish version of cottage cheese. The cheese is slightly soft and low in fat. This cheese comes from cow’s milk which has a high protein content. Generally, cheese is sprinkled over salads and soups or combined with olive oil, cucumber, and black pepper which is certainly very appetizing.

Finland has a variety of cheeses with a unique tastes. In addition, cheese is a daily food rich in protein. Cheese lovers must try this!