5 Finnish Sausages That Can Be Combined With Various Menus

5 Finnish Sausages That Can Be Combined With Various Menus

Sausage is one of the most versatile foods because it can be combined with a variety of menus. By adding sausage, the food will be more delicious and rich in taste. Finland is one country that has a sausage variant.

This country’s typical sausage has a distinctive and unique taste, so its authenticity is maintained. Curious about the variety of Finnish sausages? Let’s read more!

  1. Siskonmakkara

Siskonmakkara is a Finnish sausage that is soft, has a smooth texture, and is fresh. This sausage is made from pork and a variety of selected spices. Although sausages can be cooked with casings, sausages are generally squeezed or squeezed from the casing.

After that, the sausages are fried, cooked, and combined with other dishes, such as siskonmakkarakeitto soup and various casseroles. The name sausage comes from the French saucisse, which means small sausage.

  1. Mustamakkara

Mustamakkara is a sausage made from pork blood, pork and lard, crushed rye, and flour. This sausage is characterized by its dark color, juicy middle, and sharp casing. This sausage is available in various sizes.

Usually, this sausage is enjoyed as a nutritious breakfast or lunch menu. Although it can be combined with a variety of dishes, such as asparagus and french fries, this sausage is most often served with traditional lingonberry jam as the perfect accompaniment.

  1. Nakkikastike

Nakkikastike is a home-cooked meal generally made from stir-fried nakki sausage. The sausages are then boiled in a thick brown sauce. Then this stew is seasoned with tomato paste, onions, carrots, and cream. Nakki is a typical Finnish sausage similar to a frankfurter, hot dog, or wiener.

To enrich the taste, the stew can be added with herbs and spices. Foods such as mashed or boiled potatoes can be a complementary menu for this sausage. But sausage can also be served with vegetables or pasta.

  1. Ryynimakkara

At first, ryynimakkara was made from cooked barley groats, fat, and various spices. However, in modern times the ingredients are added with wheat and meat such as pork or lamb. The addition of meat and fat is usually in small amounts because it makes groat the main ingredient.

The color of the sausage depends on the type of meat. But traditionally sausage has a short shape with a medium thickness. Sausages are generally fried and topped with potatoes, mustard greens, various vegetables, and lingonberry jam.

  1. Rusinamakkara

Rusinamakkara is a Finnish sausage originating from Turku. This sausage is made from barley flakes, pork, onions, milk, syrup, allspice, white pepper, salt, and raisins. This sausage is usually served at Christmas but can be enjoyed all year round in the market halls of Turku.

When sold, these sausages are generally preheated, rolled up in paper, and eaten with a spoonful of lingonberry jam.

You can enjoy the various sausages from Finland above when you are on vacation there. The sausage can also be a snack or combined with a variety of menus.