10 Typical Scandinavian Foods that are Delicious and Healthy

10 Typical Scandinavian Foods that are Delicious and Healthy

Scandinavia is known for its Vikings. Located in a part of Northern Europe, Scandinavia includes Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. However, Finland and Iceland are often included when referring to Scandinavia. These countries are famous for their beautiful aurora borealis. But not only that, but the Scandinavian region also has other things to offer.

In addition to the aurora borealis, magnificent architecture, and numerous national parks, the countries in this region have delicious but healthy food. If you are a true traveler and are visiting these countries, don’t forget to taste the cuisine. Well, here are typical Scandinavian foods that you can try.

  1. Lasimestarin Silli

It seems that every country in the world has a dish that is the favorite of its residents. Well, if Indonesians have rendang and meatballs which are the people’s favorites, the Finns have lasimestarin silly or salted herring. This Scandinavian specialty is usually cooked in the summer months.

The ingredients used are freshly caught herring and given a special seasoning consisting of water, sugar, vinegar, and spices. Then all the ingredients are mixed by putting in a jar and continuing to be salted until winter. This is a very popular Christmas dish in Finland.

  1. Gravlax

This Scandinavian food is very healthy because it contains fish protein derived from salmon. In Scandinavian countries, gravlax is one of the most popular dishes and can be found in almost any restaurant because it is generally served as an appetizer.

Gravlax is fresh salmon that is seasoned with different spices and then preserved with salt to add flavor. This delectable dish has hundreds of ways to serve it, but the most popular is by serving it on rye bread and topped with mustard sauce.

This typical Scandinavian dish is perfect for those who don’t have much time because this dish can be prepared yourself easily. The recipe only requires a few ingredients and you can pack it in a portable container and eat it on the go.

  1. Kräftor

Have you ever eaten crayfish? This type of shrimp which is also called lobster can be found in Indonesian waters. Well, it turns out that in one of the Scandinavian countries, Sweden to be precise, in August there is a crayfish party.

The freshly caught crayfish are then boiled and seasoned with fennel. Then the crayfish are served whole. To eat it you have to take the flesh from the tail and paws. It’s a bit complicated, but that’s the main attraction of this crayfish party, sitting together relaxing, and enjoying the food.

Crayfish are the main dish at parties during the month, but shrimp can also be served as such along with quiche (a kind of tart) and bread.

In the past, crayfish were mostly used for other cooking ingredients. Now, this shrimp is most often eaten as a main dish without being cooked into anything.

  1. Kldolmar

While Turkey has dolma, which is a roll of grape leaves filled with various fillings, Sweden has kåldolmar. This Scandinavian specialty is stuffed cabbage rolls. This is a traditional Swedish dish that is loved by children as well as adults. Each cabbage roll is prepared by briefly boiling the cabbage leaves and then filling them with some stuffing.

The stuffing is in the form of pork or minced meat mixed with rice, milk, onions, eggs, and seasonings. Then the cabbage rolls were doused with beef broth and milk and then baked until browned.

After roasting, the cabbage rolls are then drenched in a sauce made from boiled cabbage water added with cream, flour, and seasonings. Usually, stuffed cabbage rolls are served with boiled or mashed potatoes, a few tablespoons of lingonberry jam, and chocolate sauce.

  1. Lohikeitto

Lohikeitto is a typical Scandinavian dish. This popular Scandinavian soup contains, in addition to sliced ​​salmon fillets, usually diced potatoes and carrots. Everything is then cooked in a buttery flavored broth and topped with fish stock and cream.

Soups are often cooked in fish stock, which can be made from the skin and bones of salmon but can also be made with vegetable stock. While most people think of this soup as a Finnish dish, it turns out that other Scandinavian countries also have their recipes for this one salmon dish.

The preparation for it is very similar. In Sweden, this soup is called laxsoppa, while in Norway it is called fiskesuppe. Lohikeitto is traditionally prepared in a Dutch Oven, which is a heavy pot cooking utensil, and it is believed the soup will taste better the next day.

  1. Kjøttboller

Kjøttboller or kjøttkaker are traditional Norwegian meatballs. Although it has similarities with meatballs from Sweden called köttbullar, usually the size of a kjøttboller is larger and more shaped like a patty or meat cake.

There are many versions of this meatball, but the traditional version uses more ground beef which is heavily seasoned with nutmeg and ginger. Sometimes it is also combined with eggs, wheat, onions, and cornstarch. Norwegians prefer to fry the meatballs and eat them as a main course with a creamy sauce or thick gravy.

This hearty and satisfying meal is most commonly served with boiled or mashed potatoes, creamed cabbage, mashed peas, lingonberry jam, or caramelized onions.

  1. Sol over Gudhjem

This type of open-face sandwich or sandwich consisting of only one slice of bread is known as sol over Gudhjem. This Scandinavian specialty is a variant of the Danish smørrebrød that is found everywhere.

To make it, use rye bread topped with smoked or marinated herring, scallions, radishes, onion rings, and raw egg yolk which symbolizes the sun.

Translated the name of this unusual dish could mean the sun over Gudhjem. It refers to a city located on Bornholm Island. The city is famous for its smoked herrings and sandwiches of this type that date back more than a hundred years. Today this classic Danish dish is consumed across the country and always has to be prepared and served fresh.

  1. Pinnekjøtt

Pinnekjøtt is a traditional Norwegian Christmas dish. Generally, this Scandinavian food is enjoyed in the north and west of Norway. Usually prepared with lamb or mutton cut with the spare ribs. Before being sliced ​​into ribs and cooked, the meat can be salted or marinated and dried or smoked.

Usually, the ribs are kept on a birch branch and steamed until all the water has evaporated and the meat is juicy and tender. This is a traditional preservation method. This classic Norwegian dish with a delicious aroma is usually eaten with mashed or boiled potatoes, mashed Swedish turnips, and various types of salads.

  1. Lutefisk

This Scandinavian food is called lutefisk. This dish is made from dried whitefish that has been treated with lye. Because of this, this fish has a gelatinous consistency and often, depending on the type of whitefish, has a very strong and pungent odor.

This dish is claimed by two countries, namely the Swedes and the Norwegians, but lutefisk is also commonly found in Finland and the United States, in the state of Minnesota. In America, this food is mostly consumed by Scandinavian immigrants. After cooking, the processed fish is served with various side dishes.

Usually in Norway, this dish is served with mashed green beans, boiled potatoes, melted butter, and pieces of fried meat. While the traditional choice in Sweden and Finland is served with a white sauce combined with boiled potatoes and green beans.

  1. rtsoppa

This traditional yellow pea soup from Sweden is known as rtsoppa. Initially, this Scandinavian specialty was made from fast-growing peas. This food is very popular among poor people who generally cook all the ingredients using the same pot because they don’t have a pot anymore.

The texture of this soup is very thick which is similar to a stew and is yellow. Generally, this soup is eaten on Thursday. This is a practice that begins when the stomach must be full before starting the fast on Friday. Other ingredients include thinly sliced ​​pink salted pork and spices like marjoram, onion, ginger, and cloves.

When served without pork, the soup may be served as part of the main meal, accompanied by boiled potatoes and mustard. Punsch, traditional liqueur, and crispy bread are ideal accompaniments to this yellow bean soup. rtsoppa is also a popular school meal because it is cheap, flavorful, and easy to prepare.

Although rarely heard, typical Scandinavian food is quite interesting. Mainly this food is dominated by fish. This may be because these countries have such long coastlines that fishing and seafood have become an important part of their culture.

Are you interested in trying Scandinavian food? These foods are not only delicious but also healthy, so they can be included in your healthy diet.