There’s an Artificial Island, Take a Peek at 7 Interesting Attractions in Hoorn Holland!

There’s an Artificial Island, Take a Peek at 7 Interesting Attractions in Hoorn Holland!

When you hear the word Dutch, the names of cities that come to mind are Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and some other popular cities. Eits, the Netherlands also has other cities that are no less beautiful and interesting to visit, you know!

This is Hoorn, a city in the northern part of the Netherlands that has a myriad of interesting tourist destinations. Come on, take a look at 7 attractions in Hoorn that you can visit!

  1. Westfries Museum

Located in the heart of Hoorn, this museum has a collection of tens of thousands of artifacts from the Golden Age. You can peel the history of the 1500-1800 centuries thoroughly in this museum. There are also objects from the V.O.C organization in this museum, you know! The luxurious facade of the Westfries Museum in gray is also a characteristic.

  1. Grote Oost

This is the most beautiful street in the city of Hoorn. Beautiful houses from the 1600-1700 centuries line up around you. You can find some beautiful shops. Very Instagramable, right!

  1. Veermanskade

Veermanskade is a pier that is also filled with beautiful buildings. Many old houses are belonging to traders here. There is also a building decorated with Hoorn’s carved wooden pillars.

  1. Hoofdtoren

Standing on the waterfront, the Gothic architectural style of Hoofdtoren is sure to steal the attention of anyone who sees it. Constructed of bricks and natural stone, this building is located at the southernmost point of the town of Hoorn.

Hoofdtoren is a tower complete with a bell. You can also see the beautiful view of Hoorn from the top of Hoofdtoren, you know!

  1. Hoorn-Medemblik Steam Tram Museum

Want to feel the sensation of riding an old Dutch steam train? The Hoorn-Medemblik Steam Tram Museum is a great place to visit! You can take a steam train on a line that goes through the towns of Hoorn, Medemblik, and Enkhuizen. You can also explore each section and the history of the steam train, you know!

  1. Oosterpoort

Built-in 1578, Oosterpoort is the only city gate remaining in Hoorn. This gate is located on a canal that was once built to guard the city center. Now, Oosterpoort has become a means to enter and exit the city of Hoorn.

  1. Oostereiland

Oostereiland is an artificial island that is also a Hoorn attraction. Flower gardens, cinemas, museums, to the pier are on this island.

Taking a walk on this island is perfect for refreshing, you know! Hoorn people also feel comfortable living, working, and vacationing in Oostereiland.