9 Beautiful Gardens in Utrecht, The Netherlands Full of Beautiful Plants

9 Beautiful Gardens in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Utrecht is one of the cities in the country of Windmills, the Netherlands which is no less popular than the city of Amsterdam or The Hague.

This country which is famous for the beauty of lilies and tulips also has various beautiful gardens scattered in every corner of its city, one of which is in the city of Utrecht.

From gardens filled with shady trees to beautiful flowers, here are 9 gardens in Utrecht that you must visit.

  1. Utrecht University Botanical Garden

Utrecht University Botanical Garden, apart from being a learning facility for Utrecht University students, is now also open for tourist attractions, you know.

Local people and tourists from abroad are allowed to enter this area to just see or even learn about various types of plants. Various flowers grow in this garden.

  1. Griftpark

Griftpark is a park in the middle of the city of Utrecht which is used by many local people to spend time on vacation and exercise, such as jogging or walking leisurely.

When you are hungry, you don’t have to worry. Because there is also a restaurant with delicious dishes to serve as a place to dine. For those of you who like to skateboard, the Griftpark also provides a place, you know.

  1. Wilhelmina Park

Wilhelmina Park is a romantic city park with lots of old trees. This popular city park is always crowded all year round.

In the southern part of the park, there is a large field used by athletes and the public to exercise. From north to south there is also a wide Promenade surrounded by more than 100 different species of trees.

  1. Bloemenmarkt Janskerkhof, Utrecht

The Bloemenmarkt Janskerkhof in Utrecht in the town square is filled with a sea of ​​flowers every Saturday. Usually, on Saturday there will be a flower market of various colors and types. Walking around at the same time seeing and smelling the very fragrant flowers brings a sense of comfort.

  1. Vlinderhorf

Vlinderhorf is a park located in the Maximapark area of ​​Utrecht. This garden looks so beautiful with overgrown with various flowers and other plants of various colors.

The colorful plants that grow are the main attraction, which can be used as a cool photo spot too!

  1. Speeltuin Bankaplein

Speeltuin Bankaplein is the oldest playground in Utrecht. This place is safe and comfortable for children to play in. Children of all ages can play freely here. Parents can relax and enjoy the atmosphere by walking around the park, without having to worry about leaving their children playing in the playground.

  1. Pandhof Sinte Marie

Pandhof Sinte Marie is one of the parks located in the church area in Utrecht, Netherlands. This garden is an open space filled with flowers and medicinal plants. The atmosphere is even more pleasant with the presence of butterflies flying in the garden area.

  1. Juliana Park

Juliana Park is one of the oldest city parks in Utrecht which was built in 1903. There are lots of big and old trees, as well as a wide meadow where deer roam.

Besides deer, there are chickens too, you know. In summer, this park becomes a favorite place for students to have discussions or just have a casual conversation.

  1. Oosterspoorbaan Park

Oosterspoorbaan Park is one of the favorite parks for residents in Utrecht, Netherlands. The park has space for cyclists to walk around the park to see its beauty. You can also see trains passing through this park because there are rails that run along the park.

Various cities in the country of the Windmills always present a variety of beautiful destinations, not least in the city of Utrecht. Which park are you interested in visiting?