5 Typical Dutch Soups That Can Pamper Your Tongue, Really Delicious!

5 Typical Dutch Soups That Can Pamper Your Tongue, Really Delicious!

The Netherlands is a country famous for its windmills and tulips. Not only that, but this country is also famous for being peaceful, peaceful, and prosperous. In addition, the country with the capital city of Amsterdam is also famous for a variety of delicious and successful specialties to shake the tongue.

One of the foods from the Netherlands that is a favorite of residents and is hunted by tourists is soup. In addition to its delicious taste, soup usually also contains lots of vegetables that can nourish the body.

Here are five typical Dutch soups that can spoil your tongue. It’s delicious!

  1. Erwtensoep

Erwtensoep or commonly called pea soup is one of the foods that are quite popular in the Netherlands so it allows visitors to easily find it in various restaurants.

In winter, the demand for this soup is increasing because it can warm the body. If we look at the thick texture, then this dish is more like porridge.

This soup has the appearance of a brown to greenish yellow color. The main ingredients for making it are peas which are then added by several vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, sweet corn, and lime juice.

To add to the enjoyment of the soup, chicken or beef is also added.

  1. Waterzooi

As with soups in general, waterzooi is also very effective in warming the body, especially in winter. In the past, the main ingredient for making soup was fish meat, but over time, it changed to using chicken meat.

The ingredients used in making this soup are usually chicken, onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, scallions, wheat flour, and other spices. Usually, the local’s pair this dish with their signature white bread.

  1. Breine Boon Soup

Breine boon soup is a typical Dutch red bean soup. This soup is best served during winter or when it rains. At first glance, the appearance of this soup tends to be clear as a clear vegetable soup from Indonesia.

The main ingredient for making it is red beans. Then add some vegetables such as carrots, yellow granola potatoes, celery sticks, scallions, and onions. For other ingredients, you can add beef ribs and margarine.

  1. Dutch Red Soup

Dutch red soup has a thick texture that is identical to red. This soup consists of sausage, carrots, chicken, onions, tomatoes, and cornstarch. This dish is quite easy to make because the ingredients are also easy to find in the market or supermarket.

Many Indonesians make this red soup a version of the seasoning in Indonesia. Many of them have been modified but still, have a delicious taste. Want to try making your own at home?

  1. Humkessoep

Humkessoep is made from a variety of vegetables, such as long beans, green beans, potatoes, scallions, and sausages. Usually, there is also additional meat. This dish can be an appetizer or a main course.

When it becomes an appetizer, it means that this soup has a rather small portion. Meanwhile, when it becomes the main menu, the portion is bigger which is certainly a healthier and more nutritious menu.

This Dutch soup is made from a variety of vegetables. So in addition to the delicious taste, it is also beneficial for the health of the body. These soups are also suitable as a menu to warm the body. So want to give it a try.