5 Typical Dutch Pastries for Tea, Classic, and Rich in Flavor!

5 Typical Dutch Pastries for Tea, Classic, and Rich in Flavor!

The most interesting thing about cuisine in the Netherlands lies in the components of the ingredients that make up the dish itself. The average Dutch uses both spices for processing main dishes to dishes like cakes.

For those of you who are tired of snacking on the same food, here are five typical Dutch pastries that can be friends with tea. Besides being delicious, most of these cakes have quite strong spices, such as the use of cinnamon.

What are these pastries?

  1. Stroopkoeken

Stroopkoeken is a classic Dutch biscuit that is quite worldwide. The size of this biscuit is very thin with a legit filling. The composition that distinguishes these biscuits from other countries is that most of the filling ingredients are collected from ingredients originating from the Netherlands.

Stroopkoeken itself is known as Dutch caramel cookies or caramel biscuit cake, the filling consists of cinnamon powder, roomboter, keukenstroop syrup, and brown sugar.

Keukenstroop syrup itself is a syrup that is usually added to accompany waffles. This syrup is denser than maple syrup with a golden brown color.

  1. Kaasbolletjes

Kaasbolletjes is a cake that is often used as a snack to drink tea in the land of the Windmills. This cake means Dutch cheesecake.

At first glance, kaasbolletjes are reminiscent of the form of nastar in Indonesia. However, as the name suggests, this cake uses cheese as a complementary component instead of pineapple jam like nastar and you could say it looks more like kaasstengels.

To enrich the taste, kaasbolletjes uses the famous cheese from the land of the mill, namely gouda cheese. One of the traditional Dutch cheeses which are quite popular in the world. In addition, the top of the cake is usually re-decorated using seeds such as poppy seeds or sesame.

  1. Kletskoppen

Kletskoppen is a flat, dark brown pastry from the Netherlands. This snack has a very thin thickness and is almost brittle, it tastes sweet and slightly savory because the ingredients consist of nuts and are spiked with cinnamon powder.

When cooked, the kletskoppen will be cooked with some cavities, especially at the top. For the nuts themselves, the classic kletskoppen recipe uses sliced ​​almonds as one of the main ingredients.

  1. Janhagels

Janhagels or Jan Hagel is one of the traditional cakes since the ancient Dutch era. Not only famous from the country of origin, but in Indonesia, this cake is also a bit of a snack from the Dutch which is still often processed.

It is rectangular with a top filled with almonds and sugar grains, while the texture itself is a bit crumbly and easily melts in the mouth like nastar. There is a distinct cinnamon taste in the cake because this ingredient is one of the mandatory components that need to be included in the dough.

  1. Stroopwafel

Stroopwafel is one of the Dutch sweets that are worth trying next. This dish belongs to the category of waffle with two parts of dough baked with a crunchy and slightly chewy texture.

The center of the cake will be filled using a filling made of brown sugar and is often referred to as the sibling of stroopkoeken because the filling and shape are almost the same.

Those are the five Dutch pastries that you can snack on when you’re tired of eating the same food. Which of the five cakes is the most familiar to your ears?