5 Tourist Destinations in the Land of the Dutch Windmill

5 Tourist Destinations in the Land of the Dutch Windmill

Travel far enough. You meet yourself, said Cloud Atlas. What do you think? However, there will indeed be a difference between people who like traveling and people who don’t like traveling. The difference will be seen in terms of insight. Period even though it is through books that insight can also be obtained. Indeed, books are windows to the world. However, the experience of being in direct contact with an object, such as various cultures, and historical places, and even communicating with local people who are far from where we live can also add more insight, you know.

Apart from that serious reason, by traveling quite a distance, you can refresh your mind and restore your energy. After a tired week of work or school, you certainly need a new atmosphere that can make you refreshed in carrying out activities. Well, if you have excess funds for a vacation abroad, you can, here, try to visit 5 exciting tourist destinations in the Netherlands Windmill Country.

Anything, anyway? Come on, take a look at 5 exciting tourist destinations below:

  1. Kinderdijk Desa Village

Do you know why the Netherlands is known as the Land of the Windmills? Perhaps, one of the reasons came from this Kinderdijk Village. Kinderdijk village is a village located in the lowlands of the Netherlands. In the past, this village was very vulnerable to flooding. However, since the construction of a windmill to prevent flooding, until now Kinderdijk Village is no longer flooded. Curious? You can visit Alblasterward, South Holland.

  1. Amsterdam Canal

To the Netherlands but not to the canal, it’s not complete. If you plan to visit the Netherlands, you can include the Amsterdam Canal as one of your tourist destinations. The canal, which has a length of about 100 km, was named a world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2010.

  1. Bloemenmarkt

If in Lembang, Bandung there is a Floating Market, the Netherlands also has one, here, which is called Bloemenmarkt. Here you can enjoy and sort out various types of flowers that you like. For women who like flowers, you can visit this tourist destination. Guaranteed, this place will spoil your eyes and soothe your mind.

  1. Keukenhof . Flower Garden

Still for you flower lovers. Not satisfied with Bloemenmarkt? You can also have a beautiful vacation by visiting the Keukenhof Flower Garden. That said, if you visit from March to May, the view of the Keukenhof Flower Garden will look more attractive, you know. Curious, right?

  1. I Amsterdam Letter

I Amsterdam Letter is arguably one of the icons of Amsterdam. Even though it’s only in the form of writing if you choose to take pictures at this one destination, it’s enough to prove that you’ve been to the Netherlands, you know. Not to show off, huh. But to remember your vacation moments in the Netherlands, a few years later, could even be an interesting story that you share with your children and grandchildren, you know.

So, those are 5 exciting tourist destinations in the Netherlands. Interested in visiting one or even the five destinations above? If so, you have to start planning funds for your exciting vacation in the Land of the Windmill, here. Come on, and have an exciting vacation in the Netherlands!