10 Typical Dutch Foods You Must Try, Authentic Tastes!

10 Typical Dutch Foods You Must Try, Authentic Tastes!

Like other countries on the European continent, the Netherlands also has a variety of typical foods that are famous for their deliciousness. From sweet to savory foods, everything is available here.

Not only in luxury restaurants, but you can also even buy them at street vendors in the Netherlands at affordable prices.

What do you think are typical Dutch foods that are delicious and taste authentic? Let’s see the following review.

  1. Pannenkoeken

Pannenkoeken has been a staple food in the Netherlands for centuries. Pannenkoeken is made from buckwheat flour, eggs, milk, and a pinch of salt. For toppings, usually use bacon, salmon, cheese, apples, chocolate, powdered sugar, and Stroop which is a typical Dutch syrup.

  1. Stroopwafel

Stroopwafel is one type of cake that is popular in the Netherlands. Stroopwafel is made from a dough of flour, eggs, yeast, milk, butter, and brown sugar. The way it is served is between two thin layers of waffles filled with sweet syrup.

  1. Croquettes

Croquettes are deep-fried bread with veal inside and coated with breadcrumbs on the outside. In addition to beef, croquettes can also use chicken, shrimp, goulash, and vegetables.

  1. Erwtensoep

Having a thick texture, erwtensoep is a soup made from green beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, and spring onions. Usually, erwtensoep is served with slices of smoked sausage, oats, smoked bacon, cheese, and butter.

  1. Poffertjes

The main ingredient for making poffertjes is buckwheat flour yeast. This typical Dutch food has a soft and chewy texture. Poffertjes are usually served with butter, powdered sugar, and syrup.

  1. Stew

Stew is made of potatoes, smoked sausage, vegetables, and gravy. Besides being delicious, this popular and easy-to-find Dutch food is also nutritious.

  1. Bami Fried

Because you have a close relationship with Indonesia, you can also find fried bami in the Netherlands. The food, which is also widely sold by Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands, consists of stir-fried egg noodles along with vegetables, meat, garlic, shallots, eggs, and chilies.

  1. Kibbeling

Kibbeling is a piece of fish that has been fried and then served with mayonnaise, garlic, and a delicious tartar sauce. It’s easy to find kibbeling, especially in fishmonger carts at the local market.

  1. Hagelslag

Hagelslag is toast with chocolate sprinkles on top. To make it more delicious, the Dutch also add various kinds of toppings, such as cheese, strawberries, and blueberries.

  1. Hollandse Nieuwe

Hollandse Nieuwe is a dish of raw herring served with chopped onions. The way Dutch people eat this dish is unique, namely by lifting its tail and eating it from the bottom up.

Well, that’s a typical Dutch food that is popular and famous for being delicious. Have you ever tasted one of them?