10 German Habits That Foreign Tourists Should Know

10 German Habits That Foreign Tourists Should Know

Germany is a federation of countries located in Western Europe. The country whose capital is in Berlin does have a myriad of interesting stories, ranging from history, and culture, to the unique traditions of its citizens.

As the third largest immigrant country in the world, Germany itself has a variety of customs that can invite the curiosity of foreign tourists.

What makes this country of 357,021 square kilometers interesting to know? Come on, take a look at the full review that we have summarized in the following article!

  1. Obey the Rules

Just like other regions in Europe, Germany has rules that must be followed, be it by its citizens or visiting tourists, from motorists to pedestrians who are required to obey traffic rules there.

You need to know that most Germans prefer to walk or use public transportation to get somewhere.

Just like drivers, pedestrians must obey the rules. One of them is to cross the street after the green light is on. If these rules are violated, local officials who know about them will usually give sanctions in the form of fines.

  1. Bring Cash

Carrying cash is quite risky for some people. However, this does not apply to German citizens. Using credit cards as a means of payment is known to be very limited in Germany.

Given that many shops and restaurants there rarely accept payments using credit cards, most of the residents prefer to carry cash to make payment transactions.

Although it is considered less practical by some, this method can save expenses. At least that’s what people think.

Well, if you go on vacation to Germany, cash is a must-have when exploring tourist corners of Germany. This is to prevent the holiday from being interrupted due to problems with payments.

  1. Loves Cycling

German people are also known to like cycling when carrying out daily activities such as work, school, or heading to the shopping center in the city center. Riding a bicycle is a culture that Germans love very much.

This activity received sufficient support from the government. This can be seen from the various facilities built, most of which are beneficial for bicycle users. This of course can be very fun, especially for tourists who like cycling.

  1. On Time

The tourists should also know that Germany is one of the countries that has quite good time management. Germans are known for their respect for time.

They work according to the time rules that have been set. For people who are used to being late, the habit of being on time in Germany may be excruciating.

So don’t expect the bus driver or train driver to be kind enough to open the door just because you’re a minute late. It will never happen.

Time is a very valuable and important thing for German citizens. They won’t waste time waiting or sitting around doing something productive.

  1. Alcohol Consumption in Teenagers

Another habit that you can find in Germany is the culture of drinking beer. Germans usually provide beer as a conversation partner when holding various activities such as parties, festivals, or just hanging out with friends.

Unlike other countries in Europe, in Germany itself, teenagers under 18 years are allowed to buy or consume certain types of alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer.

Don’t be surprised if you later see a young teenager carrying alcoholic drinks out of the supermarket without parental supervision. This has been regulated by the government.

  1. Sunbathing in the Park

Another habit that can be seen by the Germans is sunbathing in the garden when the sun is shining. Germans are known to be quite laid back shirtless in public. Given that in Germany itself there are rarely beaches that are commonly used to carry out these activities.

In addition, the lack of sunlight appearing in the country makes its citizens quite enthusiastic to welcome the warm sun.

When you take a trip to Germany, don’t be surprised if you then see many people often wearing bikinis or shirtless in public places such as parks or other crowded places.

  1. Sorting Garbage

German discipline can also be seen in the habits of its citizens when throwing garbage. What Germans usually do may seem inconvenient to some people who are not used to living a disciplined life or following the rules.

Considering that Germany itself is quite disciplined in managing waste or garbage from its citizens. In Germany, there are 4 types of waste that residents must sort before throwing it away.

Each trash can has a different color like blue, black, yellow, and brown. This is to make it easier for residents or tourists to classify the waste to be disposed of. Starting from organic waste, clothing waste, glass waste, and plastic waste.

  1. Early Christmas

Just like other European countries, Germany itself started Christmas celebrations early. Before December 25, most Germans usually have finished decorating. On that night usually, they will hold a dinner for the family, as well as give gifts.

This custom is certainly different from what is usually done in several countries such as America, England, or Asia, where most of them celebrate the same thing on December 25th.

  1. The Krampusläufe . Tradition

One of the unique traditions that can be found in Germany is the Krampuslaufe. Krampus is one of the creatures found in Central European folklore. Krampus is described as a horned anthropomorphic creature who often appears at Christmas to punish naughty children.

By Christmas every year Germans will dress up as Krampus and take to the city streets to bring the legendary figure back to life. German society itself calls this unique tradition Krampusläufe.

  1. Do not like small talk

Another habit that you might feel when traveling to Germany is not liking small talk. This habit makes them look stiff and unfriendly. They prefer to talk things straight to the heart of the matter and not keep messages hidden behind them.

Their habit of being cold is influenced by several factors. One of them is cold weather. German society itself is not used to having long conversations with strangers. They prefer to spend time reading than talking to other people while on public transportation.

These are the 10 Habits of Germans who have successfully wandered around, especially for you. Just like any other country in the world, some of the customs that Germans adopt can be quite surprising. However, if we study further, there are many reasons behind their habits.

Respecting the customs and culture of each region is something that every tourist must do. Hopefully, the above information is useful for those of you who want to take a trip to Germany.