Want More Insights? Visit these 5 Destinations in Leiden City, The Netherlands

Visit these 5 Destinations in Leiden City, The Netherlands

Although not very big, Leiden is one of the most important cities in the Netherlands, especially in the province of Zuid Holland.

The city is also famous for its Leiden University which is one of the world’s leading campuses. The university is also the oldest in the Netherlands because it has been established in 1575. This is what makes this city always attached to education.

Several popular destinations in the city of Leiden are places to add insight and knowledge that are very useful for anyone who visits them. Curious? Here’s the review.

  1. Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden of the National Museum of Antiquities of the Netherlands in Leiden is a museum where the Dutch national archaeological objects are stored. You can learn things that existed from prehistoric times to the end of the Middle Ages at the largest archaeological museum in the Netherlands.

This place offers amazing exhibits and collections of items. There are more than 180,000 objects in this museum which are categorized into 4 eras, namely prehistoric times, classical antiquity (Greek, Roman, and Etruscan), Roman, and medieval times.

  1. Hortus Botanicus Leiden

Being the oldest botanical garden in the country of windmills, Hortus Botanicus Leiden is also one of the oldest among other botanical gardens in the world. You can find this garden in the southwest part of Leiden City, precisely behind the old Leiden University Observatory building.

There are various types of plants in the botanical garden that has been established since the end of the 16th century, ranging from tropical to sub-tropical plants, beautiful flowers, and shady trees that make this place suitable for instagramable photo spots in addition to its function as a tourist. education.

  1. The Volkenkunde Museum

The Volkenkunde Museum is one of the oldest ethnographic museums in the world. Previously this building functioned as a hospital which was built in 1873. However, the closure that occurred in 1926 made this building vacated and converted into a museum in 1937.

Talking about the Volkenkunde Museum, of course, it is always synonymous with historical relics from Indonesia. Yes, this place has a collection of cultural objects taken from the archipelago during the Dutch occupation of Indonesia.

For example, the statues from the Singasari temple, the heirloom keris of Dr. Groneman, or the personal doctor of Sultan Hamengku Buwono VI from Jogja, Badik Teuku Umar, and Treasure Cakra Negara can be found in this museum.

  1. Rijksmuseum Boerhaave

The museum, which has been around since 1931, is named after Herman Boerhaave, a doctor and botanist who is well respected in the Netherlands and Europe for his dedication to Leiden University who gave birth to brilliant figures on the European continent such as Peter the Great, Voltaire, and Linnaeus.

Previously, this museum was a monastery building which was later reconstructed and turned into a museum of the history of science and medicine.

Inside, you can find several collections of equipment from former Dutch physicists such as Heike Kamerlingh Onnes and Johannes de Haas.

  1. Molenmuseum de Valk

The Molenmuseum de Valk is a mill that has a windmill dating back to the 17th century. At least the windmill tower has undergone renovations three times until, in 1743, a taller and bigger concrete tower replaced a wooden tower.

In June 1966, the Leiden City government made the factory a museum and educational vehicle. However, in 2000, the building, which has become a landmark of Leiden City, was re-functioned as a milling factory other than as a museum.

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