9 Delicious Culinary in Amsterdam that You Can’t-Miss, You Can Lose!

9 Delicious Culinary in Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you travel to the Netherlands, it seems that Amsterdam is a must-visit destination city. In addition to offering exciting tourist destinations, various kinds of culinary must be tasted. Uniquely, from a variety of Dutch culinary specialties, some are inspired by Indonesia, you know. What about? Let’s just see through the following review.

  1. Patatje oorlog is a street food consisting of fried potatoes with peanut sauce, spicy chili sauce, and additional mayonnaise
  2. It is said that Rijsttafel is inspired by Indonesian cuisine, namely Nasi Padang. Rijsttafel consists of rice and various side dishes such as fish, chicken, and curry meat
  3. Poffertjes are small, round Dutch pancakes. Poffertjes are baked in a special pan called poffertjespan
  4. Wentelteefjes are suitable for breakfast in the morning. It consists of bread dipped in milk, egg, and cinnamon, then baked in butter until the outer texture becomes crispy.
  5. Oliebol has a soft texture like a donut but has an open shape with a sprinkling of raisins
  6. Pannekoek is a variation of Dutch pancakes that have a texture similar to crepes. Made from milk, flour, salt, and eggs
  7. Bitterballen is a ball made of beef dough, flour, beef broth, and various spices and then fried in breadcrumbs
  8. Appeltaart is a typical Dutch apple pie that is perfect for serving a cup of hot coffee
  9. Stamppot aka mashed potato, is a traditional Dutch dish made from mashed potatoes and added with some vegetables such as kale, spinach, and others

So, how are you interested in tasting it? Everything looks delicious and so tempting. Which one would you like to try first?