9 Attractions in Groningen, the Charming Old Town of the Netherlands

9 Attractions in Groningen, Netherlands

His name may still be rarely heard, but the beauty of this city is not to be missed. Groningen is one of the old cities in the Netherlands which has a myriad of interesting tourist destinations.

You can find old towers, tourist villages, and museums with artistic designs in this city. You can also ride a bicycle or a boat to enjoy the beauty that the city of Groningen has to offer.

Need a reference for interesting tourist attractions in the Netherlands? You must visit the following 9 places in Groningen.

  1. Martinitoren is an old tower that has stood for almost 500 years and is the tallest building in Groningen
  2. Lauwersmeer National Park is suitable as a weekend tourist destination, especially when summer comes
  3. Still in the Lauwersmeer National Park area, Wadden Sea is a tourist area as well as a UNESCO world heritage site
  4. Forum Groningen is a place for sightseeing as well as learning with 5 cinemas, cafes, and a library
  5. Entering the Middle Ages, Hoge de A and Lage de A are old warehouses located by the pier
  6. Piloersemaborg is the only royal estate that still exists in the Netherlands. The combination of antiques belonging to farmer’s farms brings back 19th-century history
  7. Bourtange is one of the tourist villages in Groningen with a beautiful layout. The beautiful rural atmosphere is the main attraction
  8. Besides Bourtange, there is another tourist village called Niehove which has dozens of old buildings with a calm and comfortable atmosphere
  9. The Groningen Museum, which was built in 1994 with a creative and colorful architectural setting, is also a must visit

The places above are guaranteed suitable to be visited to spend time while on vacation in this city. So you want to go on vacation right away, right?