7 Most Beautiful Tourist Villages in the Netherlands, Interested in Exploration?

7 Most Beautiful Tourist Villages in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known as a canal country that still maintains its local wisdom. Not surprisingly, the villages in this windmill country are still very well preserved. The development of the times and status as one of the developed countries does not necessarily make the people forget their traditional side.

Traditional Dutch villages attract many foreign tourists to come to this canal country. Here are seven of the most beautiful tourist villages in the Netherlands. Do you think you will be interested in exploration or not?

  1. Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is a village that presents the life of Dutch society in the 17-18 centuries. Located in Zaandam, in the north of the Netherlands, the houses here are generally painted dark green. Now the village, which is surrounded by canals, has changed its function into one of the most popular tourist villages in the Netherlands.

Old houses, windmills, cafes, and shops are the hallmark of this village. In addition, here also stands a factory for milk, cheese, bread, klompen, and goods made of tin. Tracing Zaanse Schans is like being in a fairy tale. Moreover, you don’t have to pay to enter here. The location is also not far from Amsterdam, it only takes about 20-30 minutes.

  1. Volendam

Classic but fashionable, that’s the right word to describe the buildings in Volendam. Volendam, which is located in the north of the Netherlands, is directly adjacent to the Markermeer Sea. Another name is a fishing village. No wonder there are many fishing boats here, as well as tourist boats where tourists party.

The 17th-century classic buildings of this village look fashionable with bright colors. The tourism boom here is also very lively. There are many travel options that you can do. Examples are water tourism by boat, historical tourism by visiting the cheese museum, or culinary tourism by tasting Dutch food.

Don’t forget to take photos in traditional Dutch clothes in the many photo studios scattered here. Classical buildings and cultures that are still preserved today deserve to be called Volendam one of the most beautiful villages in the Netherlands.

  1. Monnickendam

Although it is located next to each other, Monnickendam is not as famous as Volendam which is generally the top tourist destination among tourists. It is rare for tourists to stop by Monnickendam, but this village is no less beautiful than Volendam.

Canals lined with boats, medieval houses, and historic buildings such as old churches are the inhabitants of this village. Although not as many as in Volendam, where there are also several shops selling souvenirs. If you are the type of tourist who likes deserted tourist spots, Monnickendam is suitable to visit.

  1. Lisse

Dubbed “the heart of the flower-bulb”, Lisse is located between Haarlem and The Hague. It is from this village that flower tubers are exported all over the world. The most famous is the tulip bulbs.

Visiting Lisse in spring, you will feel like you are living in a fairy tale where various spring flowers are starting to bloom. In this village is also located the largest tulip garden in the world, Keukenhof. In addition to visiting Keukenhof whose flowers are deliberately arranged neatly, you can also cycle through the tulip fields.

It only takes 30 minutes from Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport to get to Lisse. Tourists can do round-trip tours in quite a day. For tourists with a fairly long transit time at Schiphol Airport, Lisse can also be used as an alternative for express tourism.

  1. Giethoorn

Nicknamed the “Venice of the Netherland”, Giethoorn is located in the province of Overijssel. This beautiful tourist village relies on boats as its main transportation route. There are more than 180 bridges spanning the canals in this village. Giethoorn began construction in 1230.

This area is still consistent with the nickname of a village free of pollution and motor vehicle fumes because cars and the like are indeed prohibited here. Taking approximately 1.5–2 hours from Amsterdam, Giethoorn is perfect for travelers who like serenity by boating along its beautiful canals.

  1. Edam

Of course, you’ve often heard the name edam cheese. Yup! This yellow round cheese comes from the beautiful village of Edam. Neighboring Volendam, in Edam you can visit cheese cellars from the 18th century. One of the most famous is De Kaaswaag. The good news for you cheese lovers, here you can also taste various cheeses for free.

Edam is not just about cheese. There are also several places that you can explore such as canals, museums, cathedral churches, or walking in small alleys between traditional houses. That’s great, isn’t it?

  1. Marken

Marken is a unique beautiful village. The village is neighbored by Volendam, Monnickendam, and Edam. In the 13th century, this village was separated from the rest of the land by a storm that caused Marken to form like an island on its own. In 1957 an embankment was built to connect Marken with other lands.

Just like the neighboring villages. Marken also has the characteristics of wooden houses. This village is not very big. You just have to walk around it on foot while looking at the activities of residents who still maintain their traditions.

Those are the seven most beautiful tourist villages in the Netherlands. Surely everything makes it difficult to move on, right? Have you visited one of them?