5 Tourist Destinations in Nijmegen, a Unique City in the Netherlands

5 Tourist Destinations in Nijmegen, Netherlands

The Netherlands is now one of the favorite holiday destinations in Europe. One of the cities in the Netherlands that can be on your wishlist is Nijmegen. The city that has existed since ancient Roman times is considered the oldest city in the Netherlands.

If you are interested in visiting Nijmegen one day, maybe some of the attractions below can be your reference. What excursions are there in Nijmegen? Here’s the information.

  1. Grote Mark

Grote Markt is a market located in the central square of the city. As a central point in Nijmegen, Grote Markt is a must-visit destination for those of you who want to experience the authentic atmosphere of this city. This is the same as most market squares in European cities.

Historic buildings side by side with the stalls of the traders become an impressive sight in this place. Some of the available cafes can also accompany you to enjoy the city of Nijmegen with a cup of coffee or tea.

  1. MuZIEum

Have you ever wondered how blind people live the challenges of their day? If so, maybe visiting the MuZIEum dedicated to the visually impaired is one of the most appropriate activities while in Nijmegen.

This museum offers visitors a different experience. Where they will be allowed to gain a new understanding or perspective on the lives of blind people who live without sight.

  1. Kronenburgerpark

One of the suitable locations to spend your weekend with family and loved ones is Kronenburgerpark. Located between Nijmegen train station and the old city center, this city park offers beautiful views and the ruins of an old castle.

Since a major renovation in 2005, the park has changed a lot, starting with more complete facilities and a more modern layout. In this park, you will also find several ponds that are home to black swans and a children’s playground.

  1. Stevenskerk

Built-in the 13th century, Stevenskerk is a famous city landmark of Nijmegen. This magnificent church is the oldest religious building in the province of Gelderland. But in 1959, Stevenskerk underwent major renovations to keep the building from collapsing.

In addition to its charming facade, the interior of this historic church is no less beautiful than the marble carvings on the floors. No wonder Stevenskerk is the city’s most admired main parish church.

  1. Lange Hezelstraat

Lange Hezelstraat is a pedestrian or pedestrian area in the center of Nijmegen which is always filled with visitors every day. This is a favorite location for tourists to shop for souvenirs and hunt for souvenirs.

Lange Hezelstraat also has an interesting view, which along the way is decorated with medieval-style buildings. Meanwhile, cafes and some small aesthetic restaurants can add to the instagramble impression of this place.

Nijmegen has many attractions that are well worth a visit while in the Netherlands. From museums to historical buildings, there is this beautiful city.