5 Stunning Castles in the Netherlands with Interesting Architecture!

5 Stunning Castles in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the countries that have the most impressive castles among several European countries. Castles in this country were built so majestically with very impressive architecture.

Usually, the castle is also surrounded by a view that is no less amazing. This view can also be in the form of shady trees, large ponds, to parks.

Here are five stunning castles in the Netherlands with the most interesting architecture. Come on, see the following explanation!

  1. Kasteel De Haar

Kasteel De Haar is the most famous castle in the province of Utrecht. The castle, designed by the famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuyper, has been around since the 19th century. However, a fort has been standing on its foundations since at least 1391.

This castle looks so majestic with a large pond around it surrounded by shady trees.

  1. Muiderslot

Muiderslot according to historical sources was originally built by Count Floris V at the end of the 12th century. Even so, this castle still stands firm as if timeless. This castle was transferred to several families and was once owned by the famous Dutch poet and historian named P.C. Hoof.

Muiderslot Castle is surrounded by a pond and around the castle also has an equally stunning view.

  1. Kasteel van Breda

Kasteel van Breda is a castle that has stood in the center of Breda since the 12th century. The castle is dominated by an impressive brick color. In front of the castle, there is also a very large courtyard surrounded by shady trees.

  1. Vesting Bourtange

Vesting Bourtange is a star-shaped fortress located in the province of Groningen. This place was founded by the soldiers of William of Orange during the Eighty Years’ War to be a blockade between the Netherlands and Germany.

There is a pointed fort made to ward off cannon fire. This place looks so amazing with a perfect star shape.

  1. Kasteel Huis Bergh

Kasteel Huis Bergh is one of the largest castles in the Benelux region. The castle, which has been around since the 13th century, gradually grew until the Dutch Uprising of the 18th century when it was almost destroyed by the violent conflict that swept through the Netherlands.

Apart from its majestic architecture, the castle is also known for its stunning art collection which displays various Medieval artifacts and early Italian Renaissance paintings.

If you visit the Netherlands, don’t miss the stunning castles above.