5 Places in the Netherlands with Beautiful Canals like a Fairy Tale!

5 Places in the Netherlands with Beautiful Canals like a Fairy Tale!

Vacations are one of the necessities that you must do when you are tired of work or daily activities. A quiet place away from the noise of the city is a very suitable destination for your vacation.

If you want an atmosphere like that, there’s nothing wrong with choosing the Netherlands as a vacation destination. No less than the city of Venice which has beautiful canal views, many places in the Netherlands also have charming canals.

Riding a boat while looking at old buildings with shady trees and also a calm atmosphere you will get in these 5 places.

  1. Giethoorn

Giethoorn is a village that does not have road access for cars. Because this small village is surrounded by canals, boats are the main mode of transportation in Giethoorn.

Uniquely, so as not to disturb the peace, residents make motor boats that do not make a sound or commonly called wishper boats.

No wonder, if Giethoorn is a favorite destination for foreign tourists to spend vacation time. Because of its beauty, this village is often referred to as the Venice of the North or Venice of the Netherlands.

  1. Broek

Not far from Amsterdam, there is also the beautiful village of Broek, precisely in Waterland in the Northern province of the Netherlands. Surrounded by water, Broek is one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands that is no less beautiful than Giethoorn.

Broek village also has canals and boats which are tourist icons in the village. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere of a boat ride, tourists who come are also presented with views of classic old wooden houses with pastel colors.

  1. Edam

The name may sound familiar, like the name of the cheese, right? Eits! Besides being famous for its cheese production, Edam is also a place located in the Jsselmeer lake area.

Edam can be reached within half an hour from the city of Amsterdam. Edam is also famous for its traditional Dutch architecture and canals.

During its heyday or the so-called Golden Age of Edam, Edam was an important port for wood and cheese traders. Therefore Edam has a good canal system.

Besides being used as a means of livelihood for residents, the canal is also opened for tourists who want to take a vacation.

  1. Marken

If you are on vacation in the Netherlands, Marken is one of the places that you must visit. Marken is a fishing village that has an ancient atmosphere that is still preserved today.

The village, which is located in the Markermeer lake area, has houses on stilts from residents which are characteristic and you can see while riding a boat.

  1. Kinderdijk

Around 1740, 19 beautiful windmills were built along the great canals or the so-called weeringen in Kinderdijk. The village of Kinderdijk is one of the most famous landmarks in the Netherlands, with rural life still preserved.

Kinderdijk village was inaugurated as a heritage site by UNESCO 20 years ago because it became a popular tourist spot with a large windmill building.

After seeing the five places above, which destination do you want to go to first? Giethoorn or Kinderdijk? Come on, let us know your answer in the comments column.