5 of the Best Tourist Attractions in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Really Enchanting!

5 of the Best Tourist Attractions in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands. By having a million uniqueness and beauty, making this one city is always never deserted from the target of visitors.

Rotterdam itself has many unique and interesting tourist attractions. Starting from museums, theaters, unique tours, and art halls. You will always be fascinated by the various panoramas that exist in this city.

Well, for those of you who want to make Rotterdam your vacation destination, here is a list of the best tourist attractions there. Guaranteed to make your eyes enchanted!

  1. The Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum

When you enter this museum complex, you will be treated to beautiful and clean green grass. The green grass combines with a very clear river canal in the middle of the complex. It’s very charming, isn’t it? It’s still outside the museum!

Then what about the contents of the museum? The Bojiman Van Beuningen Museum has a large collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts that are famous throughout Europe. Of course, the art created in this museum was made by the most famous artists of their time.

  1. The Cube House of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a haven for Dutch architects who want to showcase their work. One form of this work is a unique house in the form of a cube. The good news is, that this cube house is an open tour that is always friendly to anyone who wants to visit.

This cube house was designed by a prominent Dutch artist named Piet Blom. The artist always presents unique and creative architectural designs. From the uniqueness and creativity that are then combined into an amazing work of art. This could be a cellphone wallpaper!

  1. Euromast Tower

If the City of Jakarta has a National Monument, then the City of Rotterdam also has its landmark, the Euromast. As a Rotterdam landmark, of course, this place is legally mandatory to visit if you are in Rotterdam.

The tower which was built in 1960 has a height of 185 meters. Uniquely, if you go up to the top of this tower, you will find two restaurants, each of which is at a height of 92 meters. How, are you interested in going up to the top of this tower?

  1. Kinderdijk Windmill

It won’t be complete if you haven’t seen a single windmill in Holland. The Netherlands has always been associated with windmills. Even in the Netherlands itself, this building is indeed prima donna tourism which is always popular in the eyes of tourists.

If you want to see a windmill with a stunning panorama, try to visit the Kinderdijk Windmill area. You can find this place as far as 23km east of Rotterdam.

This Windmill area has officially become a UNESCO cultural heritage. There are at least 19 18th-century windmills that are ready to become the most beautiful memories for you. It is recommended to visit it in the afternoon so that the panorama presented is very charming.

  1. Kunsthal Art Hall

When it comes to art, Rotterdam will never run out because Rotterdam is a storehouse of a million arts in the Netherlands. One of the places that accommodate various arts is the Kunsthal Art Hall.

When you visit this art building, you will be stunned by the various works of art, paintings, and photos that tend to be modern. Especially during the exhibition season in Rotterdam, there will be many more works of art displayed.

Every year, the Kunsthal Art Hall is always a reference for modern art both in the Netherlands and in the world. That’s because there are so many stunning works of art both to study and just to look at.

Rotterdam does have many unique tourist attractions that are ready to spoil the eye. So, which one are you interested in visiting?