5 Dutch Foods You Must Try, Delicious and Healthy!

5 Dutch Foods You Must Try, Delicious and Healthy!

The Netherlands, hearing the name of this country, surely comes to mind is Indonesia’s dark colonial history of more than 150 years. In addition, the Dutch flower garden which is very wide and full of colorful flowers, especially tulips, is the main attraction of this Windmill Country.

However, what will be discussed this time is Dutch food which is no less interesting than the tourist attractions. Typical Dutch cuisine is influenced by Northern French cuisine which certainly adds to the appeal.

Here’s a typical Dutch food that is popular and timeless.

  1. Edam Cheese

Yes! European countries are thick with the best sources of cheese, one of which is the Netherlands. This edam cheese has a very soft texture with a slightly saltier taste than other cheeses. This cheese has a red layer of paraffin which is usually exported to other countries in the form of balls/rounds. The raw material is the same as cheese in general, namely cow’s milk.

Based on its content, of course, this edam cheese is superior. The fat content is very low, while the protein content is quite high, around 25%. Usually, the Dutch use this cheese for tea or as a cake topping.

  1. Waterzooi

Well, this one food is in the form of a soup and is perfect for those of you who want warmth during winter in the Netherlands. Waterzooi can use fish or chicken, although in the past it was only served with fish.

This food is made from boiled fish/chicken combined with various types of vegetables. Then add the eggs, cream, and butter. Usually, this food is enjoyed together with Baguette, which is a typical Dutch white bread.

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  1. Boerenkool

When winter covers the Netherlands, the people’s appetite will increase and they will eat a lot of vegetables. One of the foods commonly eaten in winter is stamppot. Stamppot is a dish consisting of boiled potatoes mashed with vegetables.

One of the Dutch people’s favorite stamppot is the boerenkool. This dish is the oldest and most popular in the Netherlands since 1661. It is made from typical Dutch cabbage (kale) with a mixture of mashed boiled potatoes. It is delicious when served with gravy, mustard, and Rookworst sausage. Yummy!

  1. Hotspots

Besides stamppot, there is another popular food from the Netherlands, namely hutspot. For those of you who want to eat meat wrapped in typical Dutch food, you have to try this food!

Dutch people usually serve this dish when there are guests, besides being delicious, it is very easy to make. Cooked meat is cut into cubes, then mixed with vegetables that have been chopped and cooked with spices, don’t forget to also mix with mashed potatoes. Wow, delicious!

  1. Herring

In addition to food eaten in winter, this one food is often found in summer. This is due to the presence of herring which can only be caught in the summer.

This herring has been around since the 6th century ago, you know. Processing is quite easy, after the fish is caught, then cleaned and cut off the head, freeze it for 24 hours. Well, after that you can eat it right away or make a sandwich. The taste is very soft, salty, and very fresh.

Those are some typical Dutch foods that you must try when visiting the Netherlands! Which one are you interested in trying?