5 Cities in the Netherlands with the Most Enchanting Charm, Like a Fairy Tale!

5 Cities in the Netherlands with the Most Enchanting Charm, Like a Fairy Tale

The Netherlands is one of the smallest countries on the European continent. Even so, this country has many exciting and interesting destinations that can attract tourists from various countries in the world to visit it.

World-class museums, canals, tulip gardens, and traditional windmills are just a few of the beauties that you will find in this country.

Well, for more details, here are recommendations for the best cities in the Netherlands that present the most stunning views. Listen, yes.

  1. Maastricht

The city of Maastricht is located on the banks of the River Meuse. The city is quite close to the countries of Belgium and Germany.

The first impression you will get after visiting Maastricht is that the city is very busy. Compared to other cities in the Netherlands, Maastricht is known as a multicultural city because of its cultural diversity.

As far as the eye can see you will be presented with contemporary architectural-style buildings, towering cathedrals, various shops, cobbled streets, and so on.

  1. Rotterdam

Rotterdam is home to the largest and busiest port in the world. During World War II, the second largest city in the Netherlands was badly damaged. However, now the situation is much better as evidenced by the many magnificent buildings with futuristic architecture.

The various choices of vacation spots in Rotterdam also do not disappoint, ranging from museums with complete collections, and various cultural festivals to cafes and restaurants serving a variety of delicious local cuisine.

  1. Amsterdam

As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a liberal and cosmopolitan city. Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the European continent.

Tourists’ favorite activities in this city are strolls along the cobblestone streets, along the canals, exploring the river by boat, and visiting world-class museums such as the Rijks Museum, Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank House as well as tasting local culinary flavors at restaurants and restaurants. coffee shop.

  1. Delft

As the center of medieval civilization, Delft is a peaceful ancient city. In this city, many old buildings are still sturdy with their beautiful architectural style.

The city of Delft is famous for its signature blue and white tiles and ceramics. If interested, you can also visit the factory called Delftware to see the manufacturing process directly. This is an interesting activity that should not be missed.

The best time to visit the city of Delft is at night because the canals will look more beautiful due to the sparkling lights.

  1. Utrecht

The city of Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The city’s most famous landmark is the towering cathedral of Domkerk.

When compared to other cities, only in the city of Utrecht are there many cafes and bars that serve low-priced food menus.

There are not many tourist attractions that you can find in this city. It’s just that the city’s unique atmosphere makes many tourists put Utrecht on their list of places they will visit again and again.

Well, that’s the best city in the enchanting Netherlands. Which one do you think you want to visit first, guys?