5 Beautiful and Diverse Tourist Destinations in Groningen, The Netherlands!

5 Beautiful and Diverse Tourist Destinations in Groningen, The Netherlands!

When you hear the word Dutch, what comes to your mind? The Netherlands is one of the countries in Europe that has a long historical record. From historical events in the past, now the Netherlands has many ancient buildings that have their historical records.

One of the cities in the Netherlands, namely Groningen also has a historical place that is now used as a tourist attraction. Not only old buildings but in this city there are also cool natural tourist destinations, you know! Here are the five lists of tourist destinations, have a look, come on!

  1. Groningen old town

Vacationing to the Netherlands feels incomplete if you don’t visit the old town or better known as the town square. Groningen old town is a must-visit destination, this magnificent and historic building is perfect for filling your vacation time.

You can go around Groningen’s old town by renting a bicycle or just take a walk and take pictures with your friends, it’s really fun, isn’t it?

  1. Groningen museum

Built-in 1874, the Groningen Museum is one of the most technologically advanced art galleries in the Netherlands. Located on the edge of Verbindingskanaal, the museum has three pavilions featuring impressive exhibitions of modern and contemporary art from local and international artists. Various visiting exhibitions are also held throughout the year.

  1. Groningen’s city park

Besides having a magnificent building full of history, the city of Groningen in the Netherlands also has a city park with a beautiful arrangement. One of the parks in Groningen’s city park named Noorderplantsoen is becoming a fairly popular park.

How not, this green park with shady trees located on the outskirts of the city provides a very soothing atmosphere.

  1. Lauwersmeer National Park

Not far from downtown Groningen, Lauwersmeer National Park is also one of the stunning natural tourist destinations. In the past, before becoming a national park this area was a sea called the Lawers Sea. Today, Lauwersmeer National Park is the most popular recreation and conservation area in Groningen.

To be able to enjoy its beauty, you can cycle or walk, because this place has 50 kilometers of paths for pedestrians, and many paths for cyclists.

  1. The Northern Shipping Museum

Located between two medieval buildings Gotisch Huis and Canterhuis, this museum provides an interesting overview of Groningen’s maritime history. The museum was founded in the 1930s and describes the history of inland and coastal shipping and fishing since Roman times.

Apart from that, there are also interesting exhibits related to shipbuilding, with various ship models, paintings, photographs, old ship parts, and navigational instruments.

Those were five tourist destinations in Groningen, The Netherlands. Which place are you interested in visiting?