5 Temples in Bali that are trusted to cleanse the dark magic

5 temples in Bali, Indonesia

Bali deserves to be called the paradise of Indonesia, apart from other tourist areas. Its natural and cultural beauty is well preserved. In addition, the Island of the Gods is also known as the Island of a Thousand Temples. If you have been to Bali yourself, you must be familiar with seeing many temples. It is a place of worship for Balinese Hindus.

The following is a series of unique temples in Bali, which are often used by Hindus to ask for something:

  1. Melanting Jambe Pole Temple in Denpasar City. Usually used to ask for smooth business and treat diseases due to black magic

The location is in the middle of the Padang Galak Festival Park, Denpasar City. Have you ever heard of this Festival Park or not? This is a recreational park that was abandoned due to the monetary crisis. This place is often used as content for YouTubers because it is considered mystical.

The spiritual aura in this temple area is very strong, plus there are many wild plants and buildings that are standing still.

IDN Times community writer, Ari Budiadnyana, met a temple administrator at the Melanting Jambe Pole Temple, I Nengah Arimbawa, last Saturday (21/8/2021). From the story, this temple already existed before the construction of the Festival Park. However, since the Festival Park was built, this temple has also been renovated.

Melanting Jambe Pole Temple is often used by Balinese Hindus to invoke smooth business and treat diseases caused by black magic. The gods or Ida Sesuhunan worshiped in this temple are Ida Bhatari Melanting, Ida Ratu Niang Sakti, Ida Bhatara Sakti Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling, Ratu Ayu Mas Manik Maketel Kairing by Ida Ratu Ngurah Ketut Malumut.

Arimbawa or who is also familiarly called Jro Rudra Agni explained, that the figure of a dragon is believed to reside in the Pole tree in the temple area. In addition, thousands of spirits (Wong Samar) also guard the temple. They are commanded by spirits named Kundala and Kundali.

  1. Pelinggih Ida Bhatara or Sang Hyang Iswara Gegadon in Badung Regency. Often used to treat children who have speech disorders

The exact location is in Banjar Gegadon, Kapal Village, Mengwi District. It’s easy to find this place because of its location on the side of the highway.

Kelihan Adat Banjar Gegadon, I Ketut Sutha, said that initially, this location was a meeting place or water divider for residents’ rice fields. But now there is a pelinggih that is often used by residents for melukat (Cleaning themselves with spring media), especially children who have speech disorders such as speech delay, difficulty speaking, and others.

“Many residents who have small children who talk late, take a bath in this place. The child then begins to speak fluently slowly,” said Ketut Sutha.

Before melukat, residents usually bring ceremonial facilities such as a pejati which is used to arrange piuning or inform the purpose of their arrival to the God who resides there. The melukat process can only be done once every 15 days, to be precise every Kajeng Kliwon holy day.

  1. Beji Temple at the intersection of Ratu Niang Sakti Kerobokan in Badung Regency. Often used to beg for offspring

Beji Temple is located on the edge of the Tukad (River) Kreteg stream, Banjar Padang Kerobokan, North Kuta District. This river used to be a dumping ground for the bodies of the victims of the Gestok (PKI) incident. That’s why many think this river is also haunted.

The god or Ida Sesuhunan who is worshiped at Beji Temple is Ida Sesuhunan Niang Sakti. Beji Temple is a place for melukat to clean someone who is sick due to black magic. In addition, many residents beg for descendants in this place.

“Here there is the worship of Ida Sesuhunan Ratu Biang Keliki to ask for offspring and the safety of small children,” explained Beji Temple Stakeholder, Jro Mangku Sunarta.

  1. Taman Beji Temple in Denpasar City. Often used by traders to ask for sustenance

If you pay attention to Tukad Badung (often also called Tukad Korea), there is a temple in the middle of the river. Its name is Taman Beji Temple. Tukad Badung itself is located between Badung Market and Kumbasari Market.

According to the administrator of Taman Beji Temple, Jro Mangku Taman, this temple was once a simple place of worship called dugul. Taman Beji Temple was then renovated gradually to be higher than the original location, but still under the bridge.

Ida Sesuhunan who is worshiped is Ratu Niang Bhatari Sakti, who is symbolized as the giver of sustenance and protector for his people. In addition, there is a spring that never dries up in this temple. So it is often used for lashing as well. The holy water (Tirta) in this temple is considered to have many benefits. Such as to clean diseases due to black magic, and facilitate sustenance. That’s why many traders in Badung Market and Kumbasari Market bring this holy water to their place of sale. They sprinkle the holy water every day at the place of trade, to be protected from supernatural disturbances and ask for smooth sustenance.

Uniquely, the shrines in the middle of the temple were not damaged when the water level in Tukad Badung rose due to the rainy season.

  1. Taman Beji Pengampuhan Temple in Denpasar City. Often used to treat someone who has a mental disorder

The location is on the edge of the campuhan (Meeting of rivers) between Tukad Badung and the river flowing from the east, Banjar Suci Dauh Puri Kangin, West Denpasar District.

The worshiped Ida Sesuhunan are Ratu Gede Dalem Ped, Ratu Ayu Mas Mencorong, Ratu Gede Dalem Pengmbak, Ratu Nyoman, Ratu Niang, Ratu Made Agung, and Ratu Peranda.

Taman Beji Pengampuhan Temple is a place for melukat to cleanse the body in a supernatural way (occult or supernatural), and heal mental disorders.

“There are also those who come to ask for a smooth career,” explained Jro Mangku Ni Made Soma, the head of the Taman Beji Pengampuhan Temple.

Jro Mangku said, residents, believe in stories passed down from generation to generation, that this temple is guarded by a magical yellow crocodile that only shows its form on certain days.

That’s a row of unique temples in Bali. This is only a small part. If people believe in it, then the supernatural energies in each of these temples will make it happen. Whatever beliefs they hold, we must participate in maintaining and caring for this temple so that it continues to give positive vibrations to residents.