6 Cool and Relaxing Hot Springs in Bali

6 Cool and Relaxing Hot Springs in Bali, Indonesia

Have you ever tried hot water in Bali? Hmmm, never huh. Of course. You can’t find this hot water on Kuta Beach and its surroundings. The place is precisely in the mountains and forests.

Curious where it is? Check out the location of the hot springs in Bali below.

  1. Batur Natural Hot Spring

The location is Pekraman Batur Village, Kintamani, and Bangli Regency. You just need to search the map on Google maps: Batur Natural Hot Spring. Not only enjoy hot water. You are also treated to a view of Mount Batur where the air is cold.

The facilities here are quite complete. There are three hot water pools. One of the three pools is a Floating Sunburn that you can use to lie down. No need to be afraid of hunger. Because here there is also a restaurant.

  1. Toya Devasya

Toya Devasya presents a beautiful view of Lake and Mount Batur. Here there are four hot pools that you can choose from. In addition, there are spa facilities as a complement to relaxation.

For those of you who want to relax while enjoying the majesty of Mount Batur, you can come here. Toya Devasya is located in Batur, Kintamani.

  1. Banjar Hot Spring

Are you on vacation in the North Bali area? You can visit this Banjar hot spring. North Bali is famous for its natural beauty, there is no doubt about its hot water. It’s very natural there. It is only 5km from Lovina Beach.

There are several pools that you can choose from, ranging from 1-1.5 meters deep. There is also a pool for children. If you want to pamper your body, there is also a massage and spa here. In addition, there is a restaurant that serves Indonesian dishes to fill the stomach.

  1. Banyuwedang Hot Spring Water

Want to enjoy the beauty of the sea and soak in a hot pool? You can visit Banyuwedang hot springs. Not only the sea, but the mangrove cluster also spoil the eye. The location is in Gerokgak, Buleleng.

The hot spring pool here is quite wide. Available for both adults and children. In addition, there is also a private hot spring pool, which you can choose when you are with relatives.

  1. ESPA Yeh Panes Natural Hot Spring Resort

Soaking in the hot water pool while enjoying the beautiful rice fields must be fun. You can feel such a sensation at ESPA Yeh Panes Natural Hot Spring Resort, Penebel, Tabanan.

The pool in this place is quite varied. Not only hot pools but also cold water pools. In addition, there are 8 private pools. For those who are traveling around Tabanan, you can make this place your tourist destination.

  1. Angseri Hot Spring

The hot springs are close to Bedugul, in Angseri Village, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency. The hot water is natural, plus your eyes will be refreshed when you see the surrounding scenery. Because there are overgrown forests and terraced rice fields.

Pools are provided for children, adults, and private rooms. The food here is also varied. There is Chinese and Indonesian food. Still, want to live here? Calm. There is a guest house too, you know.

Those are some recommendations for hot springs in Bali that you can visit. So, hurry up and save for a vacation to Bali. Come on!