There is the oldest residential complex, these are 6 landmarks in Augsburg, Germany

6 landmarks in Augsburg, Germany

Augsburg is a large city located in the state of Bavaria or Bavaria. The city is categorized as the third largest city in Bavaria after Munich and Nuremberg with a population of about 300 thousand inhabitants.

This city is known as one of the oldest cities in Germany which is estimated to have stood since the 15th century BC, to be precise during the Roman Empire. Being one of the oldest cities, of course, Augsburg has a variety of historical buildings and unique landmarks.

For those of you who want to visit Germany, especially the state of Bavaria. Then some of these historic buildings in Augsburg should not be missed on your next list of destinations.

  1. Augsburger Rathaus

Augsburger Rathaus is a city hall building, as well as a major landmark in the City of Augsburg. This seven-story building has been around since 1624 and was the tallest skyscraper in Europe.

This building presents a Renaissance architectural style that looks so distinctive and second to none. This building has been included as one of the buildings protected by the Hague Convention.

However, this magnificent building was badly damaged on the front due to being hit by a bomb during World War II. Then the town hall building was rebuilt after the war and changed in several ways.

  1. Perlachturm

Right next to the Ausburger Rathaus, there is the Perlachturm which is a clock tower with a height of more than 70 meters. However, this tower is in the same building as the church of St. Peter is Perlach is known as one of the main landmarks in the downtown area of ​​Augsburg.

This tower has originally functioned as a watchtower that serves as a defense in the downtown area. However, this building was eventually converted into a church in the renaissance style in the 17th century.

  1. Schaezlerpalais

Another interesting building in Augsburg is the Schaezlerpalais. The building, which is located in the downtown area, is a palace that presents a baroque architecture and was built between 1760-1770.

Schaezlerpalais was designed by a famous German architect, namely Carl Albert von Lespilliez. Inside this building, there are various kinds of works of art that are typical of Bavaria. In addition, there is also a park that is used as a public place in Augsburg.

  1. Museum Oberschonenfeld

Oberschönenfeld is a museum located in the Gessertshause region, about 15 km southwest of Augsburg. The building, which has been around for 800 years, was previously used as a monastery and has been converted since 1972 as a museum.

Inside this building are stored various kinds of contemporary art with various colors and their uniqueness, both in the form of pictures and sculptures. This museum also stores the relics of the people in Swabia since hundreds of years ago, you know.

  1. Fuggerei

Another landmark located in Augsburg is Fuggerei, the oldest residential complex in Germany. This residential complex is referred to as the oldest in the world because it has been established in 1521, when its name is given to its founder, namely Jakob Fugger.

Fuggerei is often referred to as a city within a city with 67 buildings and a church. At least, there are 150 Augsburg residents and Catholics who live here and only rent housing for 0.88 euros (Rp. 14,205) per year.

In addition, there is also a museum that displays the history of Fuggerei and all of its inhabitants. There is a former World War II banker that can be visited all day long.

  1. Maximilianmuseum

Finally, in the downtown area of ​​Augsburg, there is also the Maximilianmuseum which is known as an art museum. This museum has been built in 1855 and its name is taken from the King of Bavaria named Maximilian II.

Inside the museum are various relics of Augsburg’s history and various artistic relics, such as sculptures and crafts from jewelry. The majority of the crafts in this museum date back to the Middle Ages because Augsburg was the center of the arts at that time.

After reading the list of landmarks in Augsburg above, of course, you already know which destination you want to visit. Which place would you like to visit first?