7 German Drinks You Need to Try When You Go

7 German Drinks You Need to Try When You Go

Germany is not only famous for its specialties that are already worldwide, but this country also has a variety of specialty drinks that are no less popular.

Starting from wine, beer, and coffee, to fruit drinks can be found in this country. Its distinctive and delicious taste, of course, makes it a favorite of many people.

Here are seven typical German drinks that need to be tried!

  1. Eiskaffee

Eiskaffee is a German-style iced coffee that comes from a blend of cold brew coffee and ice cream. Generally, this coffee is made with espresso and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. For those who like, can be added with a little rum.

This coffee is generally served in a tall glass, along with a spoon and straw. Traditionally, it would be topped with unsweetened whipped cream.

  1. Lager

Lager is one of the two main beer categories and in terms of production, it is the most common style of beer in the world. This beer uses saccharomyces pastorianus which is usually known as basic fermenting yeast. This yeast ferments more slowly and at cooler temperatures than typical brewer’s yeast.

This beer has a variety of styles. They range in color, alcohol content, and taste, but they tend to have a cleaner and crisper character than ale.

  1. Riesling

Riesling is a type of wine that is very popular in Germany. This wine always has high natural acidity. This wine has a main aroma that includes a complex combination of ripe peaches, nectarines, pears, apples, and oranges.

The aroma contained in wine is also often accompanied by nuances of herbs, flowers, and minerals. A unique, distinctive element found in aged Riesling wines is the smoky aroma of gasoline.

  1. XUXU

XUXU is a German strawberry flavored liquor made from a combination of fresh strawberries, vodka, and lime to balance the sweetness. The fruit content in this drink reaches 66%.

This drink has no added sugar, other than natural fruit sugar added to the mix.

  1. Munchner Bier

M√ľnchner bier is a typical German drink similar to beer. This beer has PGI status which means it is protected by European Union laws. It is one of six German beers registered under the PGI designation.

  1. Fassbrause

Fassbrause is a German drink made from fruit, spices, and malt extract. This refreshing drink was invented in Berlin in 1908 by German chemist Ludwig Scholvin as a substitute for non-alcoholic beer for his son.

In color, this drink closely resembles beer with a sweet apple taste. Depending on the brand, fassbrause can be non-alcoholic or alcoholic.

  1. Club-Mate

Club-Mate is a caffeinated soft drink made from mate extract, an infusion of dried yerba mate leaves. When compared to other soft drinks, this drink has a relatively low sugar content and a caffeine content of 20 mg per 100ml.

This typical German drink is famous for its delicious and refreshing taste. You can choose to drink alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on which you like.