5 Tourist Attractions in Wolfsburg-Germany, Make Your Vacation More Memorable

5 Tourist Attractions in Wolfsburg, Germany

Wolfsburg is a city located in the central part of Germany. This city may still be foreign to the ears of tourists, but for automotive lovers, of course, it is no stranger to the city that is the birthplace of the famous car brand called Volkswagen.

Wolfsburg itself has many major tourist destinations related to Volkswagen. Not only that, but in this city, there are also historical tourist destinations, city parks, and educational tours that are a pity to miss. Anything? Check out the following list.

  1. Autostadt

Autostadt is a museum that focuses on automotive things, especially cars. This complex of buildings designed by Henn GmbH was started in 1994, where the concept contains documentation of the stages of making Volkswagen cars.

Today, Autostadt has turned into a renowned automotive museum in Germany which attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. This is what makes this museum one of the main attractions for tourists visiting the city of Wolfsburg.

  1. Volkswagen Auto Museum

Just like the Autostadt, the Volkswagen Auto Museum is an auto museum not to be missed when visiting Wolfsburg. The museum, which opened in April 1985, is dedicated to telling the history of the Volkswagen car manufacturer.

Around 130 cars on display from Volkswagen are on display here, from the earliest production to the current conceptual model. Of course, visiting this museum will be more memorable if you are a lover of automotive stuff.

  1. Science Center Phaeno

Science Center Phaeno is one of the largest science centers in Germany. This educational and learning tour was opened to the public on November 24, 2005. The most interesting thing about the Phaeno Science Center is the design designed by architect Zaha Hadid which makes the building very artistic.

More than 250 interactive exhibits in this science center make visitors very interested to visit it. Those who come are always drawn to the exciting activities that can be done at the Phaeno Science Center.

  1. Allerpark Wolfsburg

A favorite place for people in the city of Wolfsburg to relax and picnic, the Allerpark is home to many recreational facilities that are perfect for spending time on vacation. This city park itself stands on an area of ​​​​130 hectares.

In addition to the recreational park, in the Allerpark area, there are also many stalls selling food and some items that you can make as souvenirs when you return home.

  1. Wolfsburg Castle

Wolfsburg Castle is a renaissance castle built before the 13th century. This castle used to also function as a defense, where all corners of the building were equipped with cannons in case there was a siege.

Now, this magnificent building has become a very amazing historical tourist destination. At more than 700 years old, the castle is well preserved although some parts have been reconstructed.

There are many other interesting tourist attractions in Wolfsburg. However, some of the places discussed above can be used as a reference when visiting this city someday.