5 Most Romantic Cities in Germany, Make Relationships Last!

5 Most Romantic Cities in Germany

Visiting Germany can be something that many people dream of. Moreover, this country is one of the most famous countries in the world. Usually, people will tend to visit cities that are already well-known, such as Berlin, Munich, to Frankfurt.

However, not a few tourists are also looking for romantic cities in this country that can certainly be spent with a partner. Not only romantic, but this city also has various attractions that can soothe the eyes. Here are the five most romantic cities in Germany that can make your relationship last! Curious?

  1. Koblenz

Koblenz is strategically located in the heart of the romantic Upper Middle Rhine Valley. The town is bordered by hills of vines that are beautified by the presence of medieval castles and forts.

It is one of the oldest cities in Germany, with a history dating back to early Roman settlement some 2,000 years ago. Many fun activities can be done as a couple, such as wine tasting, sailing on the river, and taking a gondola ride to the ruins of Ehrenbreitstein Castle which will be an unforgettable romantic experience.

  1. Bamberg

Bamberg is an Old Town consisting of cobbled alleyways, medieval houses, and well-preserved landmarks. The city is also included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Visitors can feel the romantic atmosphere of the city just by strolling around Little Venice, by the river Neckar and exploring the magnificent buildings that frame Domplatz square.

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  1. Lubeck

L├╝beck is a city known for its Gothic Brick architecture, pointy townhouses, and an interesting history recounting the days of German trade and the Hanseatic League. The city also has some fun beaches to explore.

One of the most famous beaches in Timmendorf Beach which can be a romantic tourist destination with your partner.

  1. Marburg

Marburg is a city that can attract many visitors. It has an ancient Old Town with winding cobblestone streets and alleys. There’s also a castle that sits on the city’s highest hill which can provide an atmosphere that inspired some of the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tales and works.

The city also has the Haus der Romantic Museum which displays various valuable collections of the past.

  1. Dresden

Dresden’s romantic landscape has inspired its nickname as Florence of the North. Dresden has an Old Town surrounded by majestic Baroque landmarks, its streets lined with cute coffee shops, shops, and boutiques.

The city also has a museum full of valuable collections on display.

Romantic Cities in Germany look so stunning! No less interesting than other famous cities. Get ready to save, yes, to go there with your partner.