5 Most Beautiful Gardens in Germany, Makes Your Eyes Instantly Refresh!

5 Most Beautiful Gardens in Germany

Germany is not only famous for its beautiful cities and historical heritage buildings. This country also has several beautiful parks that are worth a visit.

Like parks in general, parks in this country also have a variety of plants that make the eyes comfortable to see.

Here are five of the most beautiful gardens in Germany, making your eyes instantly refreshed!

  1. Egapark Erfurt

Egapark Erfurt is a park in the southwest of the city located on the grounds of a former fort. The park with a pleasant atmosphere can attract about 450,000 visitors every year.

The garden is also home to the largest ornamental flowerbed in Europe. Apart from that, the park also has a magnificent rose garden, a tropical greenhouse, spring cherry blossoms in the Japanese Garden, a horticultural museum, and a farm.

  1. Park Planten un Blomen

Park Planten un Blomen is a park located in Hamburg, precisely on Marseiller Straße, Hamburg-Mitte. This garden has a variety of flowers and ornamental plants that are neatly arranged.

There is also an artificial river that flows beautifully on the small steps.

  1. Muskau Park

Muskau Park has an area of ​​750 hectares. Created in the first half of the 19th century, this park has a magnificent castle building inside.

Not only that, but the park also has a lake and a beautiful stretch of meadow.

  1. Sayn Palace and Gardens

Sayn Palace and Gardens has some charming rare trees, caves, Baroque ruins, and chapels. This park also has a beautiful fountain and a stunning lake.

The most popular part of this park is the Living Butterfly Garden which has successfully attracted many visitors.

  1. Azalea and Rhododenron Park Kromlau

Azalea and Rhododenron Park Kromlau is a park located between Cottbus and Görlitz in eastern Germany. The park has more than 200 hectares of English forest, flowers, lakes, and ponds

There are also azaleas and rhododendrons scattered throughout the park. No less interesting, this park has the Rakotzbrücke or devil’s bridge which is the main attraction.

If you are in Germany, try visiting these parks. Besides being able to refresh the eyes, it can also refresh the mind you know!