10 Town Halls in Germany That Have Amazing Architecture

10 Town Halls in Germany

Germany is one of the best countries on the European continent when it comes to tourist attractions. This country does have many interesting objects, such as historical buildings, squares, to amazing natural panoramas.

Germany has many cities that each have their pre-eminent destinations. One of them is the town hall in each region. City halls in Germany are known for their artistic medieval buildings.

What and where are the coolest town halls in the country? Here’s the information.

  1. Hamburg has a luxurious historic city hall with 647 rooms in it. It combines Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque arsitektur architecture
  2. Bremen town hall has been the seat of government since 600 years ago. It is the only medieval town hall in Europe that has never been destroyed
  3. The City Hall in Berlin is commonly called the red city hall because of the striking color of its brick facade. The building has returned to its function since 1991
  4. Replacing the Old Town Hall which was built in the 15th century, the New Town Hall has been the main landmark of the city of Hannover for approximately 100 years
  5. First built in 1277 as a theater and court building, the current Wernigerode town hall is the result of a 16th-century renovation
  6. The city hall of Leipzig, dating from the 16th century, looks stunning. This 90-meter long building is now home to the City History Museum
  7. Commonly called Römer, Frankfurt city hall got this nickname because of the presence of merchants from Italy, especially Rome in this place
  8. Very unique! The town hall in Bamberg stands over the Regnitz River and on a bridge. Sometimes when the water rises, the building looks like it’s floating
  9. Rothenburg ob der Tauber also has a Renaissance-style town hall and wooden frames that are no less cool than other big cities in Germany
  10. Visiting Munich of course not to miss its magnificent new city hall. This Neo-Gothic style building is the proud epitome of the Bavarian capital

Unlike in Indonesia, the most beautiful city hall above can be your alternative destination when on vacation in Germany. From the names mentioned above, which is your version of the most artistic and charming town hall?