10 of the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany, the water is as clear as glass

10 of the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany

Germany is one of the largest countries in Europe and is known to have many interesting tourist destinations. Unfortunately, there are still many tourists who do not know how beautiful the waterfalls in this country are.

Let alone tourists from Asia and Australia, tourists who come from fellow European countries often miss the opportunity to explore waterfalls in Germany. Waterfall tours in Germany are famous for being very beautiful with clear water.

  1. With a height of 470 meters, R├Âthbach Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Germany. It takes climbing for 3 hours, you know!
  2. Reaching 270 meters high, Kuhflucht Waterfall consists of 3 levels. Around it is meadows and colorful flowers
  3. Triberg Waterfalls The waterfalls in seven levels into forested valleys and past large granite rocks. Neat!
  4. Todtnau Waterfalls reach a height of 97 meters. Since 1987, this waterfall has been included in the protected Black Forest area
  5. Urach Waterfall is more than 87 meters high. Not far from the waterfall there is a bridge that makes tourists see the waterfall closer
  6. Trusetal Waterfall was created artificially by miners in 1865 with a height of 58 meters. Located near Hainich National Park
  7. Created after World War I, Blauenthaler Waterfall is 30 meters high. The water freezes in winter and is often climbed, you know!
  8. The 17-meter-high Saarburg Waterfall doesn’t flow through the natural landscape, but directly into the beautiful old town
  9. The 12-meter-high Lechfall was originally formed naturally, then trimmed by construction workers. This waterfall is set in the mountains
  10. Although small because it is only 6 meters high, the Dreim├╝hlen Waterfall is very beautiful. No wonder it was designated as a natural monument in 1938

There are many spectacular waterfalls in Germany that you can explore. Adding this waterfall tour to your list of visits to Germany will make your trip even more memorable. Nature lovers should not miss it.