5 of the most beautiful monasteries in Germany, the architecture is stunning

5 of the most beautiful monasteries in Germany

Germany not only excels in its famous church architecture. This country also has several monasteries that are beautifully built and also manage to amaze. In addition, the buildings are hundreds of years old and some have undergone renovations.

The monastery is also very well maintained, so it not only attracts pilgrims but also tourists who want to witness its beauty. Here are five monasteries in Germany whose charms can hypnotize their visitors.

  1. Ettal Abbey

Ettal Abbey is a baroque-style monastery decorated with the impressive splendor of colorful frescoes. In addition, the building is more beautiful with the addition of stucco ornaments and magnificent filigree gold decorations.

There is a marble statue of the Ettal Madonna which was a gift from Emperor Louis IV. This statue has a place on the high altar. The monastery, located in the village of Ettal, adjacent to Oberammergau, is one of the largest Benedictine homes and also attracts a large number of visitors.

  1. Andechs Monastery

Andechs Monastery stands on the Holy Mountain adjacent to the Ammersee lake which is located 45 kilometers southwest of Munich. This place not only attracts pilgrims but also visitors who love luxurious architecture.

The building was built between 1420–1430 and has undergone several renovations. The monastery was also damaged during the Thirty Years’ War and had a catastrophic fire. During the celebration of its 300th anniversary, the management changed the interior to resemble a rococo-style hall.

  1. Maulbronn Monastery

Maulbronn Monastery is a monastery built in 1147 and has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is one of the main tourist destinations in Baden-Württemberg and has truly stunning architecture.

It used to be a Roman Catholic Cistercian Monastery, but today it serves many purposes and has administrative offices, a boarding school, a police station, and a restaurant. All of these places are still enclosed by medieval walls and towers.

  1. Protestant Augustinian Monastery

The Protestant Augustinian Monastery is a monastery located in Erfurt, in the central part of Germany which was once a former church complex. The monastery, which dates back to the 13th century, has an area of ​​almost one hectare.

The building was erected by Augustinian monks who are an order of the Catholic Church. This place is best known as the former home of Martin Luther. He occupied it between 1483–1546.

  1. Ottobeuren Abbey

The next interesting monastery to visit is Ottobeuren Abbey. It became a popular monastery with rich cultural and ecclesiastical treasures. There are guided tours for those who wish to broaden their horizons by learning about the history of what is considered one of the most significant baroque churches in Bavaria.

There is a gallery displaying art from the Baroque and late Gothic periods. Visitors can also explore the enchanting Emperor’s Hall and the stunning Theatre. There is also a library that has a collection of more than 15 thousand literary works from the 12th century to the early 19th century.

The monasteries above have impressive and captivating architecture. Therefore, when visiting Germany, take the time to visit and admire its beauty.