5 Best Zoo Tours in Germany, Lots of Rare Animals!

5 Best Zoo Tours in Germany, Lots of Rare Animals!

In Germany, the zoo is a favorite tourist destination for families who are always crowded on holidays. You can find various collections of animals with unique and interesting shapes at the zoo. Some of them have very rare populations and are very difficult to find in their natural habitat today.

It is found in several major cities in Germany such as Berlin, Munich, Riehl, and others. Here are the five best zoos in Germany, as follows.

  1. Berlin Zoological Garden

The Berlin Zoological Garden was first opened to the public in 1844 which makes it the oldest zoo in Germany. Reporting from the Theculturetrip page, this place collects more than 20,000 animals consisting of thousands of species of mammals, reptiles, and 360 species of birds. Over the centuries, this zoo has undergone several renovations.

Every year the Berlin Zoological Garden attracts millions of foreign and domestic tourists. Many visitors are satisfied with the services provided and this place also often holds exciting animal shows.

  1. Duisburg Zoo

Duisburg Zoo has the largest dolphinarium building in Germany which is always filled with hundreds of visitors every holiday to witness the exciting attractions of the bottlenose dolphin species. The zoo houses hundreds of animal species including some unique animals from the Madagascar region. In addition, Duisburg Zoo also breeds animals whose populations are on the verge of extinction.

So that the animals here feel comfortable, the environment around the zoo is made like its natural habitat. One of the favorite animals that are often the center of attention by visitors is the koala.

  1. Hellabrunn Zoo

Hellabrunn Zoo carries the concept of the world’s first geo-zoo located in the Munich area. Every animal that lives in this zoo will be placed in a certain area where the residence is designed to be similar to the original habitat of the animal. Therefore, Hellabrunn Zoo has a very large area to accommodate thousands of animals. Visitors will have more freedom to interact with animals without being hindered or restricted by cages like other zoos.

  1. Zoologischer Garten

Zoologischer Garten has a more modern building infrastructure than other zoos in Germany. This place is nicknamed the Zoo of the Future which means the zoo of the future.

At Zoologscher Garten there are many ambitious projects such as Pongoland where gorillas, chimpanzees, and orangutans live, and Gondwanaland which is an indoor rainforest. One of the most popular collections of animals here is the Siberian tiger.

  1. Cologne Zoo

On vacation to the Riehl area, don’t forget to visit the Cologne Zoo which is the most popular tourist attraction in the area. Reporting to the Travel. Sygic page, this zoo was founded in 1860 and houses more than 7000 animals from 700 different species.

This place is also used as a breeding ground for rare animal species. Various interesting things can be found at Cologne Zoo, starting from visiting the ree-flight rainforest hall, primate house, and elephant park.

Well, that’s the best zoo destination in Germany. Vacations will feel more exciting by traveling to the zoo to see various exotic animals.